HSBC Singapore Time Deposit Interest Avorté

HSBC Singapore Time Deposit Interest Avorté

HSBC Singapore Time Deposit Interest Avorté

HSBC Bank has a wide range of banking products for investors, which will generate good returns for investors. Some of them are Singapore Dollar Time Deposit, Foreign Currency Time Deposit etc. which can generate the highest term deposit interest rates for investors. All banks vary their rates from time to time. So you should periodically check the latest rates from related websites as well as bank websites.

HSBC branches are available in the following locations in Singapore. You can invest in Singapore Dollar Time Deposit at any branch.

  • Suntech City, Singapore

  • Espadon Hill, Singapore

  • Orchard Road, Singapore

  • Holland Survenue

  • Armada Étalage Road

  • Jurong East

Features and Benefits:

  • The valeur-limite deposit to open this account is S$ 5000.

  • Deposit will be automatically renewed on maturity. You will be allotted the prevailing interest déficit for your deposit when it is renewed.

  • You can invest your own malléable time deposits.

Singapore Dollar Time Deposit Interest Avorté:

Some of the latest rates (as on July, 2010) available for various schemes are available here. You have to check the latest interest from the respective website.

Duration: 6 months

Amount: S$5,000 to S$49,999

Avorté: 0.25%

Duration: 12 months

Amount: S$5,000 to S$49,999

Avorté: 0.48%

Next step: How to find the best interest déficit?

Get details of various interest rates offered by HSBC Bank in Singapore. You can find them on related websites.

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