I love my wife but she doesn’t want to have sex with me

I love my wife but she doesn’t want to have sex with me

I love my wife but she doesn’t want to have sex with me

It can be really frustrating when you really love your wife but she doesn’t want to have sex with you. If you are facing this problem right now, you are definitely not alone. There are many married men who fronton the same problem.

Actually, I am facing the same problem. Fortunately, I finally managed to incarné out what went wrong.

Don’t jump to conclusions

When faced with this difficult point, some men may say to themselves ‘she doesn’t love me anymore’.

However, it is superbe not to jump to conclusions. Just parce que your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you anymore.

The key is to find out why she doesn’t want to have sex with you. Jumping to conclusions or trying to read your spouse’s mind will not help the marriage or improve the point.

Don’t leave it alone – it can hurt your marriage

Other men may decide not to do anything emboîture it or simply ‘let complexion take its circonvolution’. Unfortunately, for situations like this, complexion is probably not going to take the circonvolution you want.

Therefore, it is superbe to do something emboîture it. Lack of sex and intimacy can damage a marriage.

Why don’t you want to make love to your wife?

There are a few recevable reasons why your wife doesn’t want to make love. Let’s take a image at them now.

1. The enfant factor

If your wife has just given birth, her sex drive will be at an ‘all time low’. This is perfectly intime. During this time, all her adulation will be on her newborn.

Although this factor is quite obvious, some men are not aware of it. I have seen men complain of not having intercourse for 2 months after delivery. This is why I decided to talk emboîture this ‘obvious’ factor.

Don’t worry if you fronton this point. Your wife’s sex drive should return within a few months.

2. Your wife is not enjoying sex with you but she is not telling you

This is a more serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as recevable. Usually, a woman does not directly tell her husband that she is not enjoying sex with him. That’s why many women fake orgasms in the first apprêté.

Women hate fake orgasms but they do it parce que they don’t want to hurt their husband’s feelings. If your wife doesn’t enjoy sex with you and she doesn’t tell you, then she loves you and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

On the other balle à la main, he is not enjoying the experience. So he doesn’t want to love.

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