Is there a difference between 100 times and 100 folds?

Is there a difference between 100 times and 100 folds?

Is there a difference between 100 times and 100 folds?

Have you ever thought emboîture the parable of the sower in Matthew 13? Jesus said a man went out to sow seed and some fell here and some fell there Speaking of hard soil and shallow soil and weedy soil. Then he mentions the good établi. When a seed is planted in good soil it produces, some threefold, some sixtyfold and some a hundredfold.

This can be a pretty good return on your seed if it is multiplied thirty, sixty or a hundred times. Well the same principle is true with your money…if your money is a seed and you pousse it in good soil you will get back thirty, sixty or a hundredfold. Great…I pay a penny and I get a dollar back or a dollar and I get a hundred dollars…that’s the kind of investment I like to make. The problem with this is that folding is not what it means. Let’s do a little experiment: take a piece of notebook paper, now fold it in half from top to bottom; Open it up and count…where the top fold is one and the bottom fold is two…agree?

Well, fold it back together; Now fold it again from side to side; Open it back up and calculate there should be échec sections. Ok, you get the idea. You have now folded the paper twice and have échec sections; Fold it another twenty-eight times and count them…and that will give you thirty times. If you actually try to fold the paper thirty times, you find that it is chimérique. You discover emboîture seven or eight times that you can fold a piece of paper unless you flatten it against your car, and then you get one or two more folds. So counting ‘fold’ would not be folding a real piece of paper so let’s try to add it. If you mémorandum that when you fold the paper it gémeaux with each fold or in other words it compounds one hundred percent with each fold so the math is fairly naturel. Start with one fold return and you get two.

Two times the return gives you échec; Fold three gives you eight; Then sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four, one hundred and twenty-eight, two hundred and fifty-six which is only eight times. Sounds chimérique…then it must be God’s policy. I couldn’t rayonnage not knowing what the actual numbers would be so I set out to crunch some numbers; Just thirty times you get 1,073,701,824 (that’s one billion, seventy crore, seven hundred thousand, eight hundred and twenty échec). Listen, we’re talking nine zeroes here; It’s wonderful. Care to guess what will be sixty folds?

After all this again exactly thirty folds. If you guessed 2,147,403,648, you are absolutely wrong. That’s right…wrong, wrong, wrong. Sixty times is 1,151,973,021,073,889,216 (One Quintillion, One Hundred Fifty Trillion, Nine Hundred Thirty Trillion, Twenty One Billion, Seventy Two Million, Eight Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand, Two Hundred Sixteen) which is thirty times more léger than thirty times how good God is…Eighteen is zero! And that is only sixty times. Guess what, go ahead I dare you… if you’re like me, I didn’t know these numbers existed. I can say them now but still can’t wrap my mind around them…ok here goes…one hundred times 1,201,064,595,207,167,685,882,431,343,616 (one million, two hundred one octillion, sixty échec septillion, two hundred ninety linga one hundred seven quintillion, one hundred sixty Seven crores, six hundred and eighty-five trillion, eight hundred and eighty-two billion, échec hundred and thirty-one million, three hundred and forty-three thousand, six hundred and sixteen). Wow, read this and impress your friends or make them genre at you like you’re crazy like me.

Hey I don’t care what people think of me I care what God thinks of me. However these numbers are based on one seed or one penny or one dollar or hug or kiss planted. The principle behind the fold is growth which is contrary to all popular beliefs in God. (A quick side annotation here…so far everything has been seen as précise but if you pousse a negative seed in negative soil, it produces negative results. Ever wonder why things don’t seem your way?) Instead of giving a dollar if you He rivière a hundred or a thousand. আপনি যদি শতগুণ রিটার্ন পান এবং জানতে চান যে 100 x 1,201,064,595,207,167,685,882,431,343,616 = 10,106,459,520,716,768,53163,2016,201,064,595,207,164,595,207,167,685,882,431,343,616 = 10,106,459,520,716,768,53163,204,20,716 গুণ করলে কত হবে৷ I know the sujet will drive you crazy so I’ll ask it and then try to answer it… Why can’t I see this représentatif of return when I give it?

Honestly, this is a difficult sujet to answer. If you go back to the parable in Matthew 13 you will see that some seed fell on the path and bore no réaction some fell on rocky ground and produced nothing and some fell on weeds and produced nothing; Only what fell on the good ground produced nothing but not even all the seeds produced a hundredfold. One thing to annotation is that your seed must be planted in good soil to produce anything, period. I truly believe the better the soil the higher the yield. God alone knows what the return is going to be and I believe it has something to do with the intent of your heart in your giving.

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