Is there any absoluité? – Forgiving God, others and ourselves

Is there any absoluité?  – Forgiving God, others and ourselves

Is there any absoluité? – Forgiving God, others and ourselves

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking the door to understanding reality if things are. However, being completely forgiving is more gracieux, though next to imaginaire. If we think emboîture it and observe the world, it seems that there is no absoluité anywhere. We can extend that understanding to the universe. Sun burns. They explode. The planet dies.

If there is no absoluité in us, why should we forgive ourselves and the Creator? However, it is very dédaigneux to forgive those who we feel have disappointed or offended us in some way. So it is dédaigneux to practice forgiveness. So can we forgive ourselves for letting others down too?

This schème is also associated with a supreme being who is striving or evolving to become perfect. God is in a perpetual state of forgiveness as well as overcoming limitations – understanding and implementing changes – monitorage and adjusting.

Then the ultimate forgiveness is to God, who we can blame for allowing us to be vulnerable for attacks and for the many challenges of nature such as physical or fictif illness, problems with people at work, friends and even in our family. Finally, the onslaught of abstraction – weather and such extremes. etc.

God’s défectuosité is absoluité. If we accept this schème, we are on the way to understanding. If we are not happy with this bilan, it means that we are still on the same éphèbe with God. Just like us, God wants peace, love and beauty in all things. However, we all create obstacles on the way to absoluité. Then it’s done. A rentrée in perpetual proposition—never complete, always desired.

If there is no absoluité in the universe, neither with Him nor with Him who created me, how can we believe in such a God? Is he not better than us? Yes, well, bicause of a small detail. As the gods and goddesses move, in every données, forgiveness. In this bilan, there is no need for words bicause forgiveness always remains a reality. So, our only issue is to forgive God as well, thereby helping the imperfect to become perfect – which will never happen. It is a mystery and a épreuve for us too.

Let’s start fresh by forgiving ourselves, others and especially God bicause…

Harmonie is an ideal

hard won

No one can deny it

Never perfect though

Always good to try

To forgive ourselves, God too

And every other one.

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