It is Tremendous De Vico Present and Turin takes on Treviglio

It is Tremendous De Vico Present and Turin takes on Treviglio

It is Tremendous De Vico Present and Turin takes on Treviglio

PalaFacchetti’s away recreation for Reale Mutua Torino ends in triumph, going 83-88 towards the hosts Blu Basket Treviglio. Ciani’s crew wins the fourth match out of 5 and climbs the Inexperienced group standings.

It is Tremendous De Vico Present and Turin takes on Treviglio

From Vico underneath Guerrieri

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Baffled by the devastating first half in Turin, coach Carrea’s crew is in search of promotion to the ultimate, after having suffered throughout a lot of the recreation the raids of the yellow-blues led by Franco Ciani, strategist once more of the fourth victory within the league. The 4 Curva Darryl Dawkins followers current on the PalaFacchetti will lengthy keep in mind a night that ended up triumphant in a really sophisticated discipline.

It’s recognized to supply tv packages of the best normal on Sunday evenings, however what has been staged by captain De Vico is for future generations of Torino followers. The Monza winger has put his total repertoire on the plate and for Marini and his companions there was no technique to perceive one thing. Glorious, as soon as once more, the check of Guariglia who has returned to the degrees of Piacenza and Poser who’s progressively taking the measures of the brand new actuality within the shadow of the Mole.

The absence of Giuri doesn’t change into an excuse for the Treviso crew: at the least for a lot of the primary half and likewise through the third quarter, the visitors drove with character, nice protection and an assault that made few errors, a celebration that solely lives. and the pleasure of males like Clark, Maspero, and Marini himself, returned to the observe earlier than the drift had led to a memorable embarkation.

Torino has rejected the penalty initially of the championship and is now a candidate for the highest positions. Ciani had by no means hid, however now the entire sq. believes in a terrific season that started amid controversy.

A spot that may lastly be happy with a crew that performs on equal phrases with everybody, even in tough fields. As a result of profitable right this moment in Treviglio is a feat that Torino has totally deserved.


Group Mascio Treviglio – Reale Mutua Torino 83-88 (18-19, 17-37, 23-13, 25-19)

Group Mascio Treviglio: Jason Clark 24 (10/12, 0/2), Pierpaolo Marini 16 (4/5, 1/6), Lorenzo Maspero 15 (0/0, 5/10), Eric Lombardi 11 (4/6 ). , 0/2), Brian Sacchetti 8 (1/1, 2/5), Davide Bruttini 6 (3/4, 0/1), Bruno Cerella 3 (1/2, 0/1), Soma Abati tour 0 ( 0/1, 0/0), Aleksandar Marcius 0 (0/0, 0/0), Leonardo Resmini 0 (0/0, 0/0), Santiago Corona 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 21/13 – Rebounds: 26 6 + 20 (Eric Lombardi 8) – Help: 15 (Pierpaolo Marini 6)

Reale Mutua Torino: Niccolo De vico 31 (7/8, 4/8), Tommaso Guariglia 18 (5/8, 0/0), Simone Pepe 12 (1/4, 3/7), Federico Poser 10 (4 / 7, 0/0), Demario Mayfield 9 (2/3, 1/3), Ronald Jackson 4 (1/1, 0/0), Luca Vencato 2 (1/4, 0/3), Matteo Schina 2 ( 1/1, 0/2), Celis Taflaj 0 (0/0, 0/0), Giorgio Dalle ave 0 (0/0, 0/0), Gianluca Fea 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 20/21 – Rebounds: 26 7 + 19 (Niccolo De vico 8) – Help: 22 (Luca Vencato 14)

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