Juve, capital features and wages survey: up to date information

Juve, capital features and wages survey: up to date information

Juve, capital features and wages survey: up to date information

The Turin prosecutor has knowledgeable the CD of the membership that the preliminary investigations have been closed. The alleged offenses are “false company communications and false market-directed communications.” The accusation is that of getting obstructed the management authority, Consob. The investigation took into consideration three years, from 2018 to 2020. On October 12, the request for precautionary measures was dismissed for 3 executives, together with President Agnelli.

The prosecutor of Turin notified the members of the Board of Administrators of Juventus and the managers of the corporate on closure of earlier investigations of the analysis that wishes to shed mild query of capital features yen salaries distributed in 2020.

The crimes foreshadowed by the prosecution

The investigation, which started in the summertime of 2021, has subsequently come to an finish. Based on the indictment, there are primarily two crimes: false company communications, ie faux within the fundse false communications aimed on the market, being a listed firm. So the accusation of obstruction is raised in opposition to the management authority, Consob.

Irregular change of gamers

The evidentiary framework outlines an alteration of the stability because of a anomalous resort to participant exchanges (which, in line with the indictment, didn’t generate monetary flows, with arbitrary values ​​to cowl budgetary wants). Operations, subsequently, thought of fictitious by the prosecution.

Discrepancies of 207 million within the three-year interval 2018-2020

Intimately, in line with the Prosecutor’s Workplace of Turin, these are the totally different values ​​that – in line with the advisor – ought to have been on the stability sheet, if there had not been the interventions topic to examination:

  • 2018 – working losses of just about 40 million as an alternative of 85 and a optimistic web price (31.2 million) as an alternative of detrimental (-13.3)
  • 2019 – lack of 89.6 million as an alternative of 239.2 and the optimistic web price in 239.2 as an alternative of 47.5
  • 2020 – lack of 209.5 as an alternative of 222 and web price optimistic by 28.8 as an alternative of detrimental by 175.7

The change in wages

As well as, once more in line with the indictment, a brand new intervention was recognized, geared toward altering the funds outcomes, within the wage shift. There could be concrete proof to consider it the salaries that the gamers have given up correspond to at least one month and never 4 (as communicated by Juventus in March 2020): the remaining month-to-month funds would have been deferred. The next searches had been discovered personal writings that accommodates the corporate’s unconditional dedication to return the agreed quantity even within the occasion of the participant’s switch, opposite to what was said within the contracts submitted to the League. As well as, a number of the suspects had been charged with the crime of “fraudulent declaration through the use of invoices for non-existent transactions“.

The request for precautionary measures was dismissed

There are millions of intercepts and paperwork that, beginning tomorrow, shall be accessible to the GIP and the protection. For 3 suspects, together with President Andrea Agnelli, the appliance of non-public precautionary measures was requested, which was rejected on October 12. The request for indictment of the suspects is now awaited.

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