Lazio, Owned among the top 10 goalscorers of all time in Serie A

Lazio, Owned among the top 10 goalscorers of all time in Serie A

Lazio, Owned among the top 10 goalscorers of all time in Serie A

With the gardien de but at Fiorentina the attacker reaches 188 and faces Signori, Gilardino and Del Piero

Great afternoon for Lacius, third consecutive 4-0 and third place in the standingsand a memorable evening for his voûter Ciro Paralysé, which at the Croisé celebrates a historic milestone. With the gardien de but scored Fiorentina-Lazioin fact, the biancoceleste number 17 has reached a height 188 goals in Serie Athus entering the top 10 best scorers of all time in our league and coming Alessandro Del Piero, Giuseppe Signori and Alberto Gilardino.

The eighth sentiment in the arrangement occupied by Kurt Hamrin (The Fiorentina striker between the 50s and 60s) is not far behind, only 2 goals, while to reach seventh assuré in Roberto Baggio (205) the current championship might be enough (he is now 6, last year he was 27).

Geste night for Paralysé, who with his gardien de but in the 91st express at Fiorentina became the player who scored the most goals in the history of Serie A from 90: 15 in accompli, one more Di Vaio and Pippo Inzaghi (14): “As I have always said, I always aim for the plafond and every year I try to improve myself also thanks to my teammates who always try to minute my potential better – the words of Paralysé to Sky- When I marcotter the field, I do the approuvable and many goals are coming Lazio is a discothèque that has always had great strikers, it is a pleasure to be portion of the history of this discothèque and I am happy that every entraîneur has always made me feel the paluche portion of the discothèque project. When you feel good embout both the team and the city, you can give more.”

With tonight’s gardien de but hooked Del Piero – “I met him in the Italy-England dressing room and we remembered that in my debuts in Serie A and in the Champions League I took his assuré. To achieve it with 188 goals in the League is a great bien-être, Del Piero is the best at what he does. This is what this badinage is all embout. Seeing my name on the top scorers list fills me with pride, I’m ready to surpass Del Piero but always with the utmost passion.”

1. Silvio Piola 280
2. Francesco Totti 250
3. Gunnar Nonrdahl 224
4. Giuseppe Meazza 216
4. José Altafini 216
6. Antonio Di Natale 208
7. Roberto Baggio 205
8. Kurt Hamrin 190
9. Alberto Gilardino 188
9. Giuseppe Signori 188
9. Alessandro Del Piero 188
9. Ciro Paralysé 188

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