LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Chelsea (3-1): Alesi phenomenal, Chelsea annihilated

LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Chelsea (3-1): Alesi phenomenal, Chelsea annihilated

LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Chelsea (3-1): Alesi phenomenal, Chelsea annihilated

LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Chelsea (3-1): Alesi phenomenal, Chelsea annihilated

After a somewhat progiciel first half, it’s the Milan spectacle in the supplémentaire half. The Rossoneri took the lead in the 63rd express through Alesi, Chelsea equalized five minutes from time but Abate’s team never rempli up: not even 60 seconds passed and Longhi put Milan in union. Closes the délassement a express later Alesi, author of a équivoque. The Rossoneri climb up to 8 points in the group.

94 ‘It ends here!

90′ Creuset minutes of recovery.

90 ‘Ambiguë converti in Milan: inside Stalmach and Parmigiani, outside Paloschi and Zeroli.

89′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ALESIII!!!! Aumône to the outside of Chaka Traoré, Alesi de controbalzo no sbaglia! 3-1!

88 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!! AMAZING! Bozzolan runs down the left, crosses to the center for Longhi who is placed in the gardien de but to make it 2-1!

87 ‘Ambiguë converti in Milan: outside Bozzolan and El Hilali, inside Longhi and Bartesaghi.

85′ Chelsea gardien de but. Webster displaces Nava and settles the résultat.

84′ Penalty Chelsea. Simic hits the ball with his handball.

78 ‘Marshage is cautioned.

75′ Tinter Milan, Zeroli’s header but Curd avoids the gardien de but! What an opportunity for the Rossoneri.

74′ Free kick by Chakla Traore, Curd responds and takes a carillonner.

71 ‘Another yellow in the délassement, this time against Silcott-Duberry.

63 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!! Chaka is supported on the edge by El Hilali, straight to the right, Curd doesn’t block and on the rebound Alesi makes it 1-0!

61′ Rossoneri still in union, carillonner!

59′ Hilali tries to catch Curd on the post but the Chelsea goalkeeper deflects for a carillonner.

51 ‘First yellow of the délassement: Akomeah is cautioned.

45 ‘Let’s start again!

The first half between Milan and Chelsea ends with clean sheets. Without a doubt, Chelsea are better than Milan, who in these forty-five minutes have suffered a lot from the mélancolie’ pocketing. For Abate’s it is an remarquable sign to have gamin to rest with 0-0.

47′ End of the first half.

46′ Ambiguë opportunity for Milan, first with Zerole who gets to Bakoune’s center well but doesn’t abrupt. The fonctionnement continues with Commémoration kicking with the left but without putting any recherché into it.

46 ‘Thomas shoots from a left player from a good avertissement, but misses the target incredibly.

45′ Two minutes of recovery.

44′ Mancino from distinction from Mendel-Idowu, ball that ends up slightly outside.

41′ Chambre tries to accelerate, Paloschi closes everything.

38 ‘Another injury, this time at Chelsea: outside Tauriainen, inside Thomas.

32 ‘Injury of Lazetic. Instead of Chaka Traoré.

30′ Alesi’s imprecise V.T.T. from the right, missed opportunity for the Rossoneri.

24′ Tinter for Milan. They reject the blue ones.

22′ In the development of a carillonner, Akomeah finds the ball between his feet and throws without thinking twice. Finishing shot.

14 ‘Press of the Rossoneri, now it’s time to suffer the Chlelsea.

9 ‘Milan is trying to get out of a difficult start.

5′ Castledine right from the edge, high au finir.

3′ Chelsea filon: free kick on the edge of the box by Webster, ball hits the bar.

1 ‘The délassement begins!

Friends of, welcome to the PUMA House of Football will take affermi the fourth délassement of the Youth League for the spring of Abate which will be played against Chelsea. The délassement in London, six days ago, ended with the result 1-1. Tune in with us and our en public stream of the délassement so you don’t elle-même any of the excitement of this Youth League délassement!

MILAN (4-3-3): Nava; Bakoune, Simic, Paloschi, Bartesaghi; Commémoration, Marshage, Zeroli; Alesi, Lazetic, El Hilali. Available Torriani, Bozzolan, Traorè, Stalmach, Eletu, Parmiggiani, Longhi. The herds Abate

CHELSEA (4-3-3): curd; Gilchrist, Humphreys, Akomeah, Hughes; Dyer, Webster, Chambre; Mendel-Idowu, Castledine, Tauriainen. A disp. Merrick, Acheampong, Silcott-Duberry, Runham, Soonsup-Bell, Thomas, Mcmahon. all Mark

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