Log Appartement Restoration in Three Steps

Log Appartement Restoration in Three Steps

Log Appartement Restoration in Three Steps

It’s méprisant to remember that the key to avoiding angoisse is to avoid being overwhelmed. The easiest way to avoid this is to écart log habitacle recovery into three relatively easy-to-understand steps:

1) Cleaning

2) AttentionAnd finally

3) au finir.


If your log habitacle has mold and mildew, these should be cleaned with a brush and a bleach/water/trisodium phosphate patchwork; Close the hose and dry well. It is méprisant that the amélioré is mixed in the admissible proportions as recommended by the produire. Be sure to apply the amélioré evenly; A backpack sprayer will help you get the job done.

There is very little that can be done emboîture spots and stains, except to prevent their appearance by making sure that water does not fall on the logs (eg adding gutters, etc.). Preventing stains and stains is méprisant if you want to avoid wood molding and rotting and a more expensive log habitacle restoration than necessary. If you see any damage or rot, this can be solved by replacing an entire log or cutting out the damaged/rotten area.

After all this, you can clean your log using a pressure washer. But it is méprisant not to use too much pressure.


After cleaning and rinsing, you need to carefully inspect the logs. You want to apparence for any cracks or checks, especially désenveloppé ones (over ¼”). You also want to apparence for any discoloration—any mold or mildew growth; spots or stains; or any obvious damage or rot to the wood. Professional Log Appartement Restoration Épreuves Not only are they experts in finding, repairing and restoring rotten wood, they also guarantee their work.

Wood rot repair May be arbitraire; Rotten wood is removed and replaced with carefully scribed wood that provides a seamless concours.

A larger area of ​​damage makes the task more complicated; Log cabins may need to be lifted with a fiche to restore and/or replace rotten wood.

If there are any cracks or checks, they can be restored using caulk. Épanoui checks should be filled with foam strips called backer rods before applying caulk; These strengthen the adhesion of the caulk.

Attention and restoration, including wood rot repair, cannot be emphasized enough; Annual log habitacle assistance will preserve your log cabin and save you money by avoiding expensive restoration costs.

au finir

To au finir your log habitacle restoration, strip the au finir from the log by blasting it clean; Either with CO2 blasting and chemical tire-veine, or with the more commonly used cob-blasting. Environmentally friendly walnut media is recommended over chemicals. Smooth the basque using random orbital sanders or sandpaper, re-stain and finally! Your log habitacle recovery is complete in nine easy steps

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