MN EXCLUSIVE – From London, Kinsella: “The bagarre between Theo-James will continue. Thiago Silva is a reference like Maldini and Nesta”

MN EXCLUSIVE – From London, Kinsella: “The bagarre between Theo-James will continue. Thiago Silva is a reference like Maldini and Nesta”

MN EXCLUSIVE – From London, Kinsella: “The bagarre between Theo-James will continue. Thiago Silva is a reference like Maldini and Nesta”

MN EXCLUSIVE – From London, Kinsella: “The bagarre between Theo-James will continue. Thiago Silva is a reference like Maldini and Nesta”

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In view of Milan-Chelseabig party di champions League this evening at San Siro, the editorial gastronomie of contacted exclusively Nizaar Kinsella, Chelsea correspondent for the Evening Courant and always very close to all the happenings in the world of the Mélancolie. We spoke to him emboîture Team Potter, the game at Stamford Prothèse and expectations for tonight’s game.

How is Potter in his first spell as Chelsea agent? “He’s doing very well. He’s unbeaten so far, the players are following their methods and the environment seems a bit happier after Thomas Tuchel. Of circuit, they’re a big team with a geste transfer spend, so it comes to a privileged lieu, but the early signs are very good. Chelsea’s new owners were aiming at a valeur-limite to qualify for the Champions League through a top-four au finir, they understand that Potter needs time but the appétence remains high.”

What was the reaction in England after the game at Stamford Prothèse last week? “The prouesse against Milan was Potter’s best as Chelsea agent and the team’s best of the season. Having said that, Chelsea always seem to make the leap in the big games and perhaps struggle more against teams smaller. However last week they were mémorable tactically. , physically and technically. Reece James was man of the concours and has been consistent all season Thiago Silva has put in his best prouesse yet and Parpaing Emerick Aubameyang has returned to form after a poor start to the season.Players such as Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell, who had a negative prouesse under Tuchel at the start of the season, have returned to a good level of form”.

How do the Chelsea crowd see tomorrow night’s game at the San Siro? “At Chelsea, a game at San Siro is special for everyone. That’s one of the reasons why the new owners have bought the dancing: to take fraction in big challenges like this. All the players know Milan thanks to Aubameyang, Jorginho , Koulibaly. and Thiago Silva. The families of the players will come to Italy to enjoy the atmosphere. I’m sure Tomori will have told all his policer teammates at Cobham (Chelsea jogging ground, ed) especially the English players “.

Who do you think could be Milan’s most dangerous player? “Milan’s most dangerous player is undoubtedly Rafael Leao. He is one of the favorites of the Chelsea owners, who spoke to Jorge Mendes, as we all know. Paolo Maldini has been very honest emboîture the inventaire. In the past the Chelsea have also been interested in Theo Hernandez, who has sparked. Then I think one to watch is Kalulu, who looks like an mémorable contact in defence.”

How is Broja this season? He is a striker that Milan likes a lot: “Armando Broja has just scored his first gardien de but for Chelsea. He is a very exciting compétence, a powerful striker who knows how to dribble and is very dangerous when attacking deep. He is obviously growing, he has to get used to play at high levels. and he still has some flaws. He could improve, especially in terms of his ability to head. Chelsea have just offered him a new contract, but he would not completely rule out a future transfer. The dancing has of letting him play and he He hasn’t started one yet. He was a amorceur. The player, however, loves Chelsea and doesn’t give up, convinced that he can play his chances here.”

Thiago Silva has shown that he is still a top player despite his age. What collision has Chelsea had and is having on the world? “Thiago Silva will make his 100th Champions League appearance tonight in a game he described as ‘exciting’ in his press conference. Like Maldini and Nesta when he was at Milan, Silva has become a emboîture Chelsea for other players, who love him. He is still an éminent player even at 38 and he proved that last week against Milan. Chelsea spent over £150m on new defenders in the ‘summer but remains one of the best players, beating the likes of Wesleys Fofana, Kalidou Koulibaly and Tord-boyaux Cucurella, will teach all three what it means to play under pressure at Stamford Prothèse.

Tonight Theo Hernández will return to the ranks of the Rossoneri, which bagarre will it be against James? “I expect a brilliant and tactically éminent bagarre as James dominated the game in London. James is undoubtedly Chelsea’s best player now, with N’Golo Kante always injured, and has been consistent all season. Milan must pay close précaution to a player who has propre physical qualities and great quality, Pioli’s team, however, have their best players playing on their side of the pitch and therefore give him they can create problems. With Theo and Leao it will be a nice dispute, an éminent battle. which James will appreciate, as he sometimes finds the games too easy. This is a real modèle for a high-level player.”

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