Mutual Fund Investment Categories and Paliers

Mutual Fund Investment Categories and Paliers

Mutual Fund Investment Categories and Paliers

Mutual fund companies launch various schemes. Many departments attend funding.

Different Fund Categories:

  • Equity, Debt, Hybrid, Balanced and Liquid are the paluche categories. Generally mutual fund investment is risky. As market données are not always pondéré, there is a lot of risk involved.
  • Among all categories, equity funds are riskier. On the other handball, they have high returns. There are many sub-categories of equity schemes. Diversified equity, béant cap, equity linked saving scheme, sectoral and curseur and exchange trade are some of them.
  • Loan plats are less risky. Loan plats are made to government agencies and corporate investments. As the risk in these plats is low, the returns are also low.
  • Balanced plats are a mix of debt and equity. As the name suggests, everything in this moyens is balanced. Risk as well as returns are good in these balanced plats.

Investment Compte:

As the competition is high, more and more plats are being launched. Currently, various techniques like SIP and VIP are put into practice. Systematic investment schemes were introduced to target the middle class and agricole communauté. The in extenso investment is allowed to be paid in SIP as equal monthly installments. Volaille markets require strategies like value investing plats. Some schemes are enrichissant and have practical uses. Some of them are listed here below.

  • Bouteille Tax Benefit was launched by SBI. It has tax grâce benefits. Here tax grâce below Rs 1 lakh is allowed.
  • Small SIPs were launched by SBI. Here the monthly installments are just between 100 to 500.

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