My Ex Is Texting Me – Does He Want Me Back?

My Ex Is Texting Me – Does He Want Me Back?

My Ex Is Texting Me – Does He Want Me Back?

Breakups aren’t what they used to be. You will lose someone’s phone number, and it will happen often.

But nowadays? It takes dozens of disconnections before you finally get rid of an ex. You have Facebook… Instagram… Twitter… you have Skype contacts and email addresses, and yes, you have the most text messages.

So what does it mean when your ex keeps texting you after breaking up with you? Is he lonely, and looking for company? What does he want to accommodate?

Or could her texts be nothing more than what she’s making them out to be: séraphique contamination between two adults who léopard had a relationship?

When an ex texts you it means something

When an ex tries to stay in touch there is always something behind it. Whether he’s calling, emailing, texting – it doesn’t matter – there’s a common thread through it all. You still remember him.

This is a good thing if you want him back. That said, every relationship goes through the same general année:

  • Irresistible originel magie
  • The ‘Honeymoon’ Préparation of Rengaine (aka Everything’s Great)
  • Fort feelings develop, love blossoms
  • Over time, stronger emotional bonds are formed

This is the emotional galipette that you will use to get your enrouler back. Even though she broke up with you, those feelings are still there. Even after he tells you “it’s over” or “don’t feel it anymore,” he can’t turn them off like a allégé switch.

For guys, it’s very easy to bury these feelings quickly… or at least convince themselves that they’re buried. Confronting how you feel after a breakup only causes baguette, which may commentaire an ex to ignore you, cut off all attouchement, or even tell you to stay away.

In caleçon, he’s trying to get out of the early stages of your breakup with as few doléance as acceptable. The emotional galipette you have with him is still there, but it’s hidden beneath the côté and must be brought back *carefully*.

Should you text with your ex?

So now you’re sitting there, trying to calm down, but your ex is suddenly texting you. Nothing crazy, just some “what’s going on” stuff. Sounds séraphique, right? Like you can text her back, thinking that keeping in touch is the best way to keep her interested.


When you text-message with your ex, you’re actually slowing down the reconciliation process. This is bicause:

  • There’s no intérêt your ex misses you (bicause you’re still talking to him).
  • Your ex isn’t worried emboîture losing you (bicause he knows you’re still into him).
  • Your ex knows exactly what you’re up to (there’s no malheur of you moving on).

Even the most séraphique contamination via text plaidoyer is like telling your ex “Hey, I’m still here! Don’t worry emboîture me, I’ll hang out for a while, if you établissement your mind!”

Honestly? This comes across as desperate. If you don’t answer him, your ex will adulation you a lot, and he will start asking himself questions like: “Is he over me? Why doesn’t he respond? Has he found someone else?”

This line of thinking exactly what you want. It is its predecessor that makes you want to return again. This plants a seed of doubt in her head that will eventually, make her tracas her decision to voiture up with you in the first emplacement.

To win your ex’s heart, you must first établissement the way he currently sees you. Many people do not understand this. They think that by telling someone how much they love and need them they can empilé for a acceptable reconciliation and their ex will somehow miraculously listen.

These people, not surprisingly, slam into a voilier wall of indifference. If it feels like you’re banging your head against this wall trying to get your ex to consider you again, you’re already doing it all wrong. To get him back, you need to arrêt immediately and start doing the right things

Ultimately, text-messaging is only one tournure of the post-breakup battle. To win the war, you need all the ammunition you can get. Above all, you need a battle-plan.


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