My girlfriend wants to be friends – what can I do?

My girlfriend wants to be friends – what can I do?

My girlfriend wants to be friends – what can I do?

He set you up. voiture up with you As the smoke clears, he mutters the dreaded énoncé no one ever wants to hear:

“Well, we can still be friends….”

his friend. That’s what you do to her right now. You can be as close and intimate as two people can be, and in the space of a day, your ex suddenly wants nothing more than to be your friend.

Or is he?

You will hear many people say that they ‘stayed friends’ with an ex after a voiture up. Hell, you might even see some of them hanging out. But that’s the basque. This is how things appear. In reality, however, understand this:

You can’t be friends with your ex-girlfriend

You don’t want to either. Parce que ex situ with any ‘friends’, a person Always wanting the other person more. Breakups always have overwhelming feelings, bicause every breakup has a winner and a perdant. Always.

It’s always funny when you hear someone talk emboîture a breakup being “mutual.” It is unbridled bull, no matter who fools it. Even if the ménage was mean to each other, even if they drifted apart by constantly fighting, in the end, one person always said “hey, it’s over” and the other person had to sit back and pretend they agreed with it, when In reality, this was far from the truth.

How to handle being on the losing end of a voiture up

Well, now that you’ve realized yourself as a ‘dumpy’ and your girlfriend as a ‘dumper’, you can move on to what you really want: getting your relationship back on track. This is something you can only accomplish when you accept that your relationship is finally over, and don’t try to drag it out with some sabre “let’s be friends” junk.

Honestly, you don’t want your old relationship back. You want your torsader back. But you want him in a new relationship; Free from all the crap that caused your breakup in the first animation. One that allows you both to start fresh, rather than rehashing the same old stuff you’ve been struggling with for months or even years.

Soon, you will use some shortcut tricks to courtage your ex’s mind. This will happen quickly, so be prepared for it. But that can only happen if you’re willing to do the assidu opposé of what you’re doing now: cut ties and move on. Cut the cords of your past relationships and don’t embarrass yourself by hanging on to some sabre promise of friendship.

Why being friends with your ex girlfriend never works

There are many reasons why it’s bad to be friends after your breakup, but first let’s take a habitus at what your girlfriend wants. Ready? Well:

  • You want the security of knowing you’re ‘still there’ Breaking up with you is easy.
  • He wants security bicause it is Approving the decision to voiture up with you.
  • He wants to see you upset and frustrated, bicause it is She thinks she won when she broke up with you.
  • He loves the zèle knowing you still love him when he is Stays at a déviation, safely breaking up with you.

Still see a modèle? well Parce que most guys who agree after a breakup don’t say “let’s be friends” bullshit. They’re so desperate to be in their girlfriend’s life — even as sabre as a “friend” — that they’re practically willing to forget that certificat. Ruining any gain of getting him back.

When you are friends with your ex, you are comforting him. Security Security

You give him a shoulder to cry on. An ear to talk to, can cheer him up anytime he feels sad or lonely.

Having friends means she can see that you’re not dating other people while you’re waiting for her. And yes, he fully knows that you are still waiting for him.

After all, asking your girlfriend to be your ‘friend’ has put you in a animation you never want to be: the friend lieu.

Now the problem is, you want him back. But you want her back so badly that you’re willing to ‘do anything’ to get her, which means you’ll bite the bullet and be that good friend whenever she needs you.

What if you are already friends with your ex?

Already made the mistake of staying friends with your ex-girlfriend? It’s normal: its dump.

Yes, that’s right: the friendship dump. You don’t have to be a jerk emboîture it, just pouce texting and calling and pouce posting on his Facebook jouvenceau.

And when he calls you? Convenablement taking those calls. Convenablement responding to his texts, and when he says “Hey, did you leave the apparence of the earth?” Make sure these texts are filled with more pause.

The pause he experiences must be deafening. Leave him alone. Effarement him where you went. And after how many days? Answer with a single, cryptic line: “Sorry, busy.”

It’s none of her bizness what you’ve been up to, bicause guess what: she’s not your girlfriend. Think emboîture it: If you section what he’s doing, he’ll pick it up when you try to get back into a relationship with him. Therefore, he receives the same treatment.

There are many different ways to seduce your girlfriend, but the most arrogant thing is to first have a step-by-step esquisse. Don’t act without knowing how to handle the most common reactions from your ex and knowing exactly what to say and do.

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