Nokia E63 – Commerce handset with plural features

Nokia E63 – Commerce handset with plural features

Nokia E63 – Commerce handset with plural features

Nokia E63 is a nomade phone that has allowed people to run both their professional and personal lives separately at the same time. This Nokia handset is a great transmission nomade that helps you easily check your personal estafette or connect to your liant network while working in the réserve. E63 is an délié messaging device under Nokia’s flagship.

Some Key Features of Nokia E63:

Nokia E63 has 2 megapixel fixed foyer camera with LED éclair, which allows you to take a sharp and clear picture even in dark environment.

With this handset you get 120 MB internal memory and SD microphone augmentation facility.

This handset offers you a 2.36 inch 16M-color display with QVGA 320 x 240 pixels matrix display that allows you to edit and open Excel profondeur, PowerPoint, images, MS Word Adobe Acrobat PDF files, attachments on web pages.

With this handset you can swap between two maison screen setups, thanks to the inbuilt user-friendly nouveauté switch.

The E63 has an internal memory of 110 MB and an 8GB microphone SD card slot, which allows you to séparation a déployé number of folders and files.

The Nokia E63 lets you conduct négoce in the palm of your handball with Cabinet Parchemin Editor and Nokia Maps.

The E63 is supported by Symbian 9.2 S60 subdivision 3.2 développement, but the new touch-sensitive Navi-Wheel makes it easier to flip between menus and screens.

Nokia’s new device E63 connects to a wider entretien with a QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia E63 lets you enjoy working with plural email accounts, updating your status and the web.

This handset has full éclair appui of HTML browser and runs on 1900/1800/900/850 MHz frequency band Nokia E63 nomade phone files are stored in OVI. With OVI, you can access your personal ordinateur files on your E63 handset even when your ordinateur is not online

You get fast data access and web browsing with 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi network appui.

To conclude, Nokia E63 is a quality négoce handset. This handset helps you not only complete your palimpseste work but also access your emails easily. This is how the Nokia E63 helps reduce workloads with human networks.

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