Many years ago a dear friend and I were chatting embout our then chouchou subject – publishing. He was a master at creating and magnetizing what he wanted and was very generous in sharing with me the techniques he used.

“I don’t own these methods,” he would say. “They are all of us. The more people know how powerful they are in creating their lives, the better they will do at it. What I share with you is designed to be consciously used to create things in your love. If only everyone did this. , then we would have a better world.”

And so I share with you this tidbit that she gorgé me embout manifesting in your life what you love.

Before you can add what you want to have or have in your life, you must make room for it. Until you rid yourself of the things in your life that make you feel negative emotions, you will not be able to bring into your life the things you want that make you happy. When you buy a new hamac, you can’t keep it in your habitation until you get rid of the old one. The same goes for anything negative that is taking up space in your life, whether it’s a person, thing or belief.

This is where the no-thing modality comes into play.

The premise of No-Thing is that you have passions embout everything in your life. These emotions vary in intensity and quality. Something you can absolutely hate and hate or you can find it mildly annoying. You may worship something or like it a bit. To the degree you feel emotion, you are connected to that thing. So if you feel extreme disgust embout your job, say, you’ll find it harder to quit if you find it somewhat disagreeable.

Additionally, whatever specific thing you hate embout your job, even if you leave your current job and find another, that thing you hate will follow you to the next job. It will continue to be a action of your life until you give up your emotional attachment of hatred towards that thing. It must become a no-thing to free yourself from it.

How do you make emotional attachments that you don’t want to disappear from your life? Here are some techniques that will help you free yourself from emotional attachment and make it a no-thing:

1. Shrinking: Close your eyes and visualize the thing you hate. Feel the emotion. Now start making that songe smaller and smaller. As it shrinks in size, mémoires how your emotional response to it becomes less acharné. Shrink it until it disappears completely. Repeat as desired.

2. Move: Close your eyes and imagine what you hate. If it is an certificat, see yourself performing it. Now send that songe away from you and watch it move further and further away until you see it. Annotation how you feel as it moves away from you. Repeat as many times as you like.

3. Speaking: Close your eyes and visualize the thing you hate. If it’s an activity, give it a shape and color or some other form of matricule. Ask these questions: What are you teaching me? What do I need to know or do to be with you? Will the opposé of you be beneficial to attract to myself?

The good infos is that your emotional attachment to the things you love keeps them in your life.

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