Olimpia and Virtus continue arm in arm in the lead

Olimpia and Virtus continue arm in arm in the lead

Olimpia and Virtus continue arm in arm in the lead

The Italian champions win 75-66 in Scafati, Bologna beats Trieste with a marque of 85-80. In this way, a quartet is formed with full points: Derthona and Pesaro are also at the top

Associé success in as many matches for the EA7 Emporio Armani Milanowho wins 75-66 against Givova Scafati. The answer is Virtus Segafredo Bolognawhich redeems the knockout in the Euroleague in gardien de but 85-80 Trieste Basketball. This is how a leading quartet is formed: in augmentation to the two big ones, the Bertram Yachts Derthonawhat defeat Reggio Emilia (63-59), e sorry. It is recovering Sassarithey smile too Brindisi and Trento.


Repeat the success of the debut, Olimpia Milano, without ever questioning the victory against the newly promoted Scafati: it ends 75-66 in Palamangano. EA7 gets off to a strong start right away, closing out the first quarter with a 33-25 lead. The dominance continues in the supplémentaire period, and so we go to rest on the marque of 55-40 for the guests. The third quarter is very balanced, Armani starts to préservation its energy for the Euroleague concours against Alba Berlin and allows the rivals to get closer in the last period. Scafati, however, stops nine points behind Milan, who won by 75-66 and will form a leading quartet with Virtus and surprises Pesaro and Derthona. On the shields Brendon Davies and Melli, with 16 and 13 points scored. For Scafati, again defeated, the best scorers are Doron Lamb (16) and Myke Henry (15).


After the sudden Euroleague knockout against Monaco, Virtus Segafredo Bologna immediately starts again: the virtussini defeat Trieste 85-80 at the end of a hard-fought game, which hands the supplémentaire knockout in as many games to their rivals Emilia starts strong, goes to rest 47-39 and seems to be in full control of the rivalité with a great ville geste, but in the third quarter Trieste approaches with determination. Gaines and his teammates moved to within two points of Virtus, but they did not receive the necessary quote-part from the bench and soon saw the dreams of a comeback infect away: Bologna reacted and pulled away for good in the fourth and terminal period, winning 85- 80 Great ville geste from Virtus, with Mannion as the top scorer with his 18 points and the virtuose of the catégorisation with full points. Three individuals, however, shine in the Trieste team: Corey Davis and Bartley reach 22 points, Gaines reaches 20. A remarkable result that does not reward a Pallacanestro Trieste that has yet to find the right mix between individual and ville .


Those with triple digits get injured, triple digits perish: Verona had defeated Brindisi reaching 100 points, and was defeated 101-79 by Sassari on the supplémentaire day. The Sardinians, who rise after the knockout in their debut against Varese, immediately enforce their law at the Palaserradimigni: the start explodes, with a margin of nine points at half-time (53-44). The third quarter is that of the decisive shot, which extinguishes any rapacité of Tezenis Verona: Sassari flies to +21 and manages in the last and last period. Clear victory for Banco di Sardegna, which closes with 101-79. The great protagonist is Chinanu Onuaku, with a remarkable 10/10 from two and 24 points scored: the American, ex Bnei Herzliya, is a candidate to be one of the great protagonists of this Serie A.


The dream continues for Bertram Yachts Derthona who, after surprising last year, wants to confirm himself in the grand areas of the ranking. After Trento, Reggio Emilia also falls under the blows of the Piedmontese, who win 63-59. Power in the defenses and little incisive shooting at the “Giulio Bigi” Poliesportiu Pavilion, with the escape of Derthona in the first quarter: 25-10 and accès advantage for Macura and his teammates, who resist the return of the Emilians in the two periods next. Reggiana reached chaufour points behind the rivals, but in the last quarter the comptabilité reigned and the comeback dreamed of by the fans did not come. Derthona thus wins 63-59 and stays with full points, thanks to the brillant performances of Christon (17) and Macura (13).


The Nutribullet Treviso falls again, not reaching 60 points and again showing a recherché menaçante sterility: the Dolomites of Trento take advantage of it and win without too many fabuleux worries. The brillant start of the Trentinos, defeated in their debut against Tortona, leads them to close 33-26 in the middle of the game. Treviso gets back on track thanks to Sokolowski’s two consecutive 3-pointers, taking it to -3, but Crawford and his teammates have pushed it back: the Dolomites fly to +11 and do not resume, just playing with the time motocyclette at the end. Trento thus wins 66-57, with Flaccadori (17) top scorer of the day.


Balanced rivalité at PalaPentassuglia, with Brindisi securing victory only in the terminal minutes: it ends 77-70 for the Apulians, who redeem the knockout against Verona and defeat Napoli. The start is all embout Brindisi, which closes the first quarter in 29-19 and extends in the supplémentaire period, going to rest in 44-31. Gevi Napoli, who wants to avoid another defeat, reacts and finds himself at a décalage from the rivals, in the apparence of the overwhelming closure of Brindisi that restores a margin of safety. Thus comes the victory of the locals, with a margin of seven points. On Perkins (15) and Burnell (13), Sein Johnson’s 16 points and a good ville geste are not enough in Naples.

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