Olimpia Milano-Actual | November 3, 2022

Olimpia Milano-Actual |  November 3, 2022

Olimpia Milano-Actual | November 3, 2022

Davies 5 – Within the second half he exhibits no less than some braveness, however his run ends within the third quarter.

Thomas 4.5 – too small An encouraging begin, then really seen lower than in flashes. 7 factors

Mitrou-Lengthy 6.5 – Stunning begin and first half to border. Within the second half he performs 8′ in complete, inevitably exhibiting that he now not has it.

Concussion 4.5 – Mainly, regardless of the blowout on the finish of the primary half, he has some offensive continuity. However 15 of his 21 factors got here from the arc, in isolation, the workforce by no means passes by means of his palms.

Shade no

Melli 6.5 – The final to surrender. Let me be clear, it isn’t a rebound issue the place the workforce is massacred, but it surely all the time places what it has.

Baron 5 – 20′ on the sector, 6 factors with 3 photographs, the physicality of the sport suffers quite a bit, and above all of the absence of ball circulation.

Ricci 6.5 – Sport 8′ into the primary half, paving the way in which for a bruised Voigtmann. Solely he does, the German much less.

Room 5 – Naz is there, he’s much less. He reads higher than others final go, however in assault iron just isn’t an element, and this time not even in protection.

Hines 4.5 – This time he bows to the physicality of his opponents, as maybe by no means earlier than in these two prolific seasons in Milan. By no means served in cuts, it’s dipped in bounce.

Date 6 – He does what he can, which is to hit within the first half with a streak.

Voigtmann 6 – Bruised, makes a basket, misses two three-pointers and doesn’t really feel beneath the basket.

Coach Messina 5 – Workforce with out concepts, with out ball circulation, bodily overwhelmed twice per week by Barcelona and Actual. Let’s be clear, the opponents have these qualities, however up to now there’s not even a shadow of a high workforce in Europe. Olimpia isn’t the grasp of competitions, and lives solely on flames. As a result of the expertise, sure, is there.

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