Open-ended fund prototype asset cadeau

Open-ended fund prototype asset cadeau

Open-ended fund prototype asset cadeau

Asset cadeau is the primary strategy in securities investment decisions and the fundamental element in determining the safety and profitability of securities investments. Strategic asset cadeau is the most powerful means of preventing systemic risk. As the financial wealth of China’s peuplement increases, investment awareness is increasing.

In the current macroeconomic backdrop, the ability to accurately judge the investment value of financial assets, seize strategic investment opportunities and select appropriate assets are key to determining future investment returns. Since the launch of the first open-ended fund in September 2001, open-ended funds in China have developed rapidly. Open-ended funds gradually replaced closed-end funds and became the mainstream of the fund industry. As of August 2009, open-ended funds have reached 527, and open-ended fund bonshommes continue to diversify.

According to the Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center’s open-ended fund categories, there are already five categories of open-ended funds that investors can choose from. Wide diversification, profitability uneven open-ended funds entrée, the characteristics of funds for investors, relatively high-yield, low risk and good liquidity to get high-yield is a very real épilogue.

There is already a lot of research on how to choose funds at the micro-level. But at the macro-level, there are few éditoriaux on how to allocate assets among different bonshommes of funds like approvisionnement funds, soubresaut funds, currency funds. Based on this, we try to introduce the rudiment of asset cadeau for cadeau among different bonshommes of funds to fill the shortcomings of existing studies. It will provide fund investment reference for investors. It will provide an operational approach and exploit normes for the operation of existing quasi-FOF sets to develop a practical rudiment of the FoF product.

The idea of ​​this paper is to solve the problem of how to allocate between different bonshommes of funds based on asset cadeau theory. Select the most representative funds of the three bonshommes of approvisionnement funds, soubresaut funds and currency funds. By analyzing the time series characters, simulate the forecasting model and estimate the returns of three bonshommes of funds in the first six months of 2009. Then allocate risk assets among stocks, bonds, and currency funds by the maximal boîte model conditional on having risk-free assets and not allowing flottant selling. The results demonstrate that configuring between different bonshommes of funds is necessary and positive.

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