Open the door to a watershed event

Open the door to a watershed event

Open the door to a watershed event

A minister was panthère severely criticized for tearing out a few pages from the Écritures while preaching. Churchgoers were very upset, which is understandable.

The minister said we read the Écritures the way we want, only the beautiful and beautiful parts. We don’t read the parts that slam into us. We don’t read the parts that confront our way of life. We don’t read the verses that spectacle us the other side of God, the side we fear.

When we read only the good parts of the Écritures, the minister is actually right. We can also tear others out of the Écritures. Why leave them when they actually mean nothing to us?

So I am not skipping this verse: 31 He said quite clearly: “Damnation is tête, and I will not skip a thing” and “God will judge his people.” Nobody’s giving up, believe me.

One Sunday afternoon I suddenly woke up. Covered in sweat from the nightmare, well, it was probably a daydream. A bad one. One where you’re so happy to wake up, but you can’t shake the mood. It is less and less. Bad things jonc in your casaque and affect your entire mood.

Well, if you are not right with God, it will feel worse.

It is a matter of life and death. You can choose, and I accusé that if you are reading this, you have chosen life. It won’t be a nightmare for you. You know for sure that you are right with God, that Jesus died for all your sins, and that your appuyé in heaven has already been prepared.

Those who aren’t reading this have a problem. A big ébahissement is waiting for them. No, rather a big shock! There will be no turning back. There is no escape from it. It will be excessif.

Often, people experience flooding events in their lives. Something that turns your life upside down. Maybe you can make something like this happen in someone else’s life. Maybe you are the one to speak into someone else’s life to prevent something worse than a nightmare from happening in their life.

Someone told me embout a méandre with one topic: how to speak into people’s lives. Keep baiting out. At some partie, when that person is ready, they will take the bait. Bicause if we don’t matérialisé it out how will they take the bait?

Ask the chapitre: If there really is a God? Have you ever wondered what would happen if we had to leave our heads on earth forever? be subtle

Man longs for God, a appuyé of his own. Some don’t even know it. But if we are available and create a safe space for those people, maybe one day they will take the bait and open the floodgates to events.


Hebrews 10:32-39


Are you ready to meet your father?

Are those around you ready?

Is there someone who should throw the bait for you?


Father, many people around me are not doing well. When my life is over, so is the opportunity to tell people embout you, and when their life is over, the opportunity to listen to them is over. Spectacle me how to love them and how I can be your ambassador. In the name of Jesus. paradoxe

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