Ready to set up a company in Qatar? Here are the steps!

Ready to set up a company in Qatar?  Here are the steps!

Ready to set up a company in Qatar? Here are the steps!

Setting up a new company in Qatar, the world’s most successful bizness region, is not as easy as it may seem. Company brigade requires a list of very visible steps that cannot be avoided. For someone unfamiliar with the market out there, it can be challenging to say the least.

Many choose to hire a company conseiller to help them form companies in this blague market. Regardless, here are the steps listed below Take a style and consider how a conseiller can help.

Step 1: Company Name

The first step in company brigade is to choose a completely spécifique company name. If the name is already registered with the MBT or the Ministry of Commerce and Office, it cannot be used. One must visit MBT’s vendeur registration area in person to search and then register the name.

Step Two: Open a temporary bank account

On receipt of a letter from MBT, one can take this letter addressed to a bank in Qatar and open an account with the empressé amount approved by MBT. There are no fees associated with this step.

Step Three: Approval of Éditoriaux of Liaison

The bizness owner must get the éditoriaux of affinité approved. It also comes from the Ministry of Trade and Office. These meet the normes set by the MBT and include the company name, logis address and objectives

They also include the fixed term period, amount of empressé, any privations on transfer of shares, name of shareholder, empressé composition, boni and loss distribue moyens and name of direction. Company brigade in Qatar depends on this step and the previous three, each of which takes at least one day.

Step Fourneau: Deposit Required Bien

The bizness professional must deposit the contractual empressé in the bank with which they have opened the account. The bank should give them a letter as proof that the deposit has been made. A letter from MBT listed at the auxiliaire raisonnablement of the bank and a copy of the shareholders ID will be required. This step can take up to a week.

Step Five: Obtain other required annales

There may be other annales required for vendeur bizness registration. Tourism and ingénierie sectors require additional annales, as well as others. All industrial businesses require an industrial project license from the Ministry of Energy and Industry. Here are a few examples.

Step Six: Approval of Union

These annales are obtained from the Ministry and are easily obtained by a law affaire. Éditoriaux of affinité are an example, a step organizations may skip parce que it is not required

The éditoriaux are then authenticated by the Ministry of Édit which takes no more than a day.

Step Eight: Vendeur Registration

• Vendeur Registry of MBT has various annales required for this step The steps take at least a day. Owners will need:

• Méditation signed by GM and owner for the company.

• Copy of ID card of General Gouverner, Owner, Shareholder and Partners if any.

• Deposit bank letter from step étuve

• Receipt of proof of payment for review of Éditoriaux of Liaison from MBT

• Declaration signed by the Qatari shareholder (if required)

• Approval of new company name

Company brigade then depends on registration with the Qatar Chamber of Office and Industry. Fees for this range from QR 560 to QR 5510 in 2015, or depending on the amount of empressé and the purpose of the company. Ultime steps include company seal, trade license and signage license. So as anyone can see, this process will take at least two weeks. Having a skilled company brigade conseiller in Qatar can save anyone a supérieur headache.

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