Reliance Mutual Fund NAV

Reliance Mutual Fund NAV

Reliance Mutual Fund NAV

Reliance Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing mutual funds in India. Some of the high performing schemes are Reliance Liquid Fund, Reliance Banking Fund, Reliance Equity Fund, Reliance Power Scheme.

You can find the NAV of Reliance Mutual Fund at the end of each trading day. NAV can be found on the respective websites which will help you track the gain of the fund.

How is NAV calculated?

NAV is called Net Asset Value.

It is calculated by adding the market value of the investments the company has made to circonstance, the receivables the company has not received yet, the retained earnings earned by the company and the value of other assets. Then the amount still due to the company including other expenses and other liabilities should be deducted from the above amount. The resulting value should be divided by the absolu number of units available as on circonstance. This will give the net asset value of the scheme.

Some of the best performing schemes are:

Reliance Equity Fund:

It is an open ended equity scheme that primarily invests their money in equity and equity related stocks and securities of the best and top performing companies in the approvisionnement market. These top companies should have high market capitalization. They invest a morceau of the money in debt and money market products. This is to get secondary income from secondary investments.

How to invest?

You should analyze the gain of other schemes by evaluating their past gain. Details are easily available on leading websites.

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