Saha, the story of the wild mustang

Saha, the story of the wild mustang

Saha, the story of the wild mustang

In 2001 I adopted her and two other wild mustangs from the Palomino Valley Wild Horse Facility, just outside of Reno, Nevada. It took me from July to October of that year to touch him with one finger and let him eat leaves from my balle à la main. I was in love.

In October 2001 he was injured by one or two other Mustangs. I didn’t know it was an injury. Instead, I thought he might have started colic bicause he was lying on the ground and wouldn’t get up. Colic can kill a horse… and it’s not an easy death.

I searched every vet in the phone book looking for someone who would come out and treat wild mustangs. The answer was always “no.” This went on for two days until I met a ouvert vet who said he would come out to see what could be done.

When the vet came to our assuré, Saha had been lying on his side for two days. I was afraid we would have to put him down. It breaks my heart but I’m not going to let it hurt me any more than I already have.

The vet rolled Saha onto his feet. That’s when we found out he was injured instead of having colic.

Saha was healthy from October 2001 to April 2002 when he started to rise on his own. Until then I had to roll him every day and then walk him in the desert to rehabilitate his injury and let him eat avisé brush. According to the vet, avisé has healing properties for wild horses.

We never found out if it was his spine or his pelvis that was stepped on by other horses. Either way it doesn’t matter as the end result is that Saha is unsuitable for riding or breeding. He is my very big furry pet.

During the 6 months Saha and I walked together and worked together to make him better we became good friends. I learned from my beautiful, strong sister what grit, faith and vulnerability are.

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