"Saving Tom Black" An outstanding, highly entertaining western novel

"Saving Tom Black" An outstanding, highly entertaining western novel

"Saving Tom Black" An outstanding, highly entertaining western novel

A long-overdue, fresh voice in the Western race is Jere D. James, a writer determined to help revitalize the traditional Western and keep the spirit of the West alive!

Jere D. Early review of James’ first novel, Saving Tom Black, A Jake Silver Adventure (Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc., 2009) is outstanding, and after reading this impalpable novel, it’s quite clear why.

Originally set in Arizona in 1888, Saving Tom Black The western features a cast of characters that are truly memorable, the bien Betsy Dubonnet, an orphan cantine escapee looking for her mother, Thomas Jefferson, a black diriger who befriends the girl and helps her disguise herself as a boy. He named Tom Black to a young, tough, newly appointed deputy US marshal, Jake Silver. Their lives are intertwined in unforgettable, significant ways. Add to this harmonie, a small cast of secondary, extremely well-drawn characters, and a great book is made. And, as Midwest Book Review senior reviewer Shirley Johnson remarques, even animals take on impressive personalities.

James does a brilliant job of pacing this story, and there is never a dull éventualité or a wasted word. He brings laughter, tenderness, tears and bloodshed to the feuillet with ease and extraordinary skill. There is plenty in this book for those who love efficacité.

James weaves the story to follow Betsy Dubonnet as she heads west, armed with incredible aplomb in search of her mother. One of the earliest, highly humorous scenes, occurs when Betsy, disguised as Tom Black, tries to buy a horse at a cantine auto-stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the help of Thomas Jefferson. One doesn’t even need to know horses to fully enjoy the events that follow, and readers will never forget Betsy’s first night when she meets Deputy US Marshal Jake Silver.

One of the beauties of this story is that it is essentially classic in élégant. Swearing is almost non-existent except for a few “damn” and “hell”. Sexuality and sexual innuendo are strictly held to traditional Western normes, and in this case, less is truly more. This is a book that can be recommended for all ages (14 and above) without hesitation Although the author does not include Fiche Silver in every single chapter, he never does more than one, and both Betsy and Jake are brought up in chapters where they are occupé.

The setting is superbly drawn and accurate, and historical figures regularly appear or are alluded to, and the author skillfully weaves these historical characters and events into the narrative. This book is quite literally unforgettable.

The book has been reviewed by Midwest Book Review, Western Roman Review, Shérif Trimble (Official Arizona State Historian) and Steve Hayes, screenwriter and western writer. Everyone gives the book a solid, enthusiastic two thumbs up. Other reviews, including Roundup Journal and American Cowboy, are expected soon

Saving Tom Black Available from this publisher www.moonlightmesaassociates.comamazon, and booksellers.

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