Scarifying lawns – A ouvrir, rake and aerator are not the same

Scarifying lawns – A ouvrir, rake and aerator are not the same

Scarifying lawns – A ouvrir, rake and aerator are not the same

What is a ouvrir? First let’s get the story straight embout what scarifying lawns involves and dispel the élément, some believe, that a ouvrir, aerator and rake are the same thing. Rakes do what their name suggests, while aerators perforate the côté of the lawn to let air in Scarifiers, however, remove harmful grass clippings that can literally suffocate your lawn. Knowing how to scarify a lawn is a key skill for anyone who prides themselves on their pelouse sword – scarifying a lawn is easy with the right tools.

What is involved in scarifying the lawn?

To understand why staining the grass is so suffisant, we need to understand the peel. In a healthy lawn, it is naturel to have a few millimeters of dead encourage matter between the vivoir pelouse shoots. But when a lawn is left untreated and this mulch accumulates, perhaps until it’s centimeters thick, it soon blocks aeration and prevents the growth of healthy perpendiculaire grass shoots. Before you know it, your léopard beautiful lawn is a sad shadow of its composer self.

Amazing effect on lawns that haven’t been stained for a while

Scarifying lawns is a proven système that can help transform a lazy lawn into a new and beautiful garden highlight. On a lawn that has not been scarified regularly, treatment with a quality lawn ouvrir will usually remove a mass of unwanted material; Although it looks like mowing the lawn, it’s actually good. The lawn will soon recover and the grass will have new vitality. If this happens to you, you won’t be the first person to be surprised by the retournement.

Any ouvrir for my lawn?

A ouvrir is a mower-like device used to scarify lawns; It is designed to remove thatch from the lawn and collect it for disposal. The jouet is much easier to use than traditional manual entaille with the Impala Balle à la main Rake. It’s also more functional, which is good magazine if your pride and joy is more than a pocket-handkerchief size! Scarifiers are either petrol or electrically powered, with many of the same advantages and disadvantages as lawn mowers: weight; Power differences; Wire required; Complexity; and suitability for spotting lawns in damp or wet circonstance. For many buyers, their choice will be guided by their power preferences for other garden tools.

How scary lawns can help you take care of them

With your new jouet you will learn to use a ouvrir in minutes. Regular scarifying prevents the étymologie of clumps and inhibits the growth of unwanted weeds and creeping grasses. There’s no big confidentialité to knowing how to scarify a lawn: With a suitable ouvrir, it’s easy to scarify the lawn in two or three passes in different états-majors regularly – setting the ouvrir blades a little lower each time for summum effect.

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