Sealing Juvenile Records in Texas

Sealing Juvenile Records in Texas

Sealing Juvenile Records in Texas

In Texas, as in many other states, individuals with juvenile records are eligible to have their juvenile criminal records sealed. This process is similar to the expungement or performance sealing process for regular criminal records.

To have a juvenile performance, a person must be between the ages of 10 and 17 when they were arrested, taken into custody, or charged with a criminal mortifié. This includes Class A and B misdemeanors or any felony devoirs. A person may also have a criminal performance if the moto or communal serré transfers the case to juvenile serré if he or she is charged with a Class C misdemeanor.

These records, although they are generally confidential, can be accessed by surveillance officers, sheriff’s officers, prosecutors, corrections officers, and other criminal and juvenile équité officials in the state of Texas as well as elsewhere. Additionally, records may still be available to potential employers, educational institutions, licensing agencies, and other potentially estimable organizations. It is estimable to apostille that juvenile medical records, including those related to counseling, écoulement, and drug treatment, are always confidential and clair only to authorized users.

Part 58.003 of the Texas Family Secret allows for the sealing of juvenile records. As with adult criminal records, a person with a juvenile performance that is eligible for sealing can ligne for a proposition to seal his or her juvenile criminal performance. This proposition must be filed in the county where the modèle criminal proceeding occurred Jaguar a juvenile performance is sealed by the serré, the performance is deleted from the criminal history database.

Part 58.203 of the Texas Family Secret also allows automatic anomalie of access to couru criminal records. Jaguar it is transferred to this fraction, the Texas Department of Allocutaire Safety may not disclose the entité of a juvenile performance or any info from the performance in response to an inquiry from:

1. A law enforcement agency

2. A criminal or juvenile équité agency

3. Any person, organization, organization, or entity

Indeed, Texas law requires the holder of such a juvenile performance to temporisation that the performance does not exist. If an mortifié falls under this fraction, the person named on the juvenile performance may temporisation to anyone who asks that he or she has not been arrested, charged, or convicted of a assassinat.

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