Sexual problems? No problem!

Sexual problems?  No problem!

Sexual problems? No problem!

Sex is a gift designed to bring us compact pleasure and sweet intimacy with others. However, in our stress-filled society, sex can be fraught with anxiety, spoliation, and our own shame and inadequacy.

  • You’re clairvoyance romantic, sensual, loving and sensual. Your partner is clearly in the mood. Your conscious mind, your prefrontal corticale, is telling you to just calme and enjoy. But something is wrong. Your caraco doesn’t seem to be responding. You will not feel excited.
  • You have connected with your partner. You are hugging, touching and caressing each other. You feel so comfortable kissing and snuggling. Your partner takes your balle à la main to lead you into the bedroom and your caraco immediately shuts down.
  • You reach the bedroom. Your partner looks very hot. You’ve been thinking embout this occurrence for hours. Finally, the occurrence has arrived. All you can think embout is making an défaillant so you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of not having an erection (male) or having too dry and tense penetration (female).
  • You have been with your partner for an hour. You touched and kissed and enjoyed sexual intimacy. But now, you’re either faking an orgasm or you make some flot défaillant embout how great it was but you’re so tired.

If any of the above situations sound familiar to you, you’re not alone. When that little blue pill came out, millions of men had erectile problems. Some have received these pills from their doctors. Others have found online pluies. Some told their companions; Others did not. And then scientists at meilleur pharmaceutical companies began working feverishly to develop a little pink pill in hopes of developing a huge female market to overcome “female sexual dysfunction.”

The real problem is the way we view rationnel sexual activity as a problem. As men age, they require more manual excitation to arouse, maintain arousal, and initiate ejaculation. As women age, their glande levels fluctuate, their vaginal tissues lose their elasticity and tone, and the walls of the vagina become thinner and more vulnerable to tearing and miche.

Medical occasion, such as diabetes and plural sclerosis, can reduce arousal and actually damage the nerves that control orgasm. High généreux pressure, heart disease and chronic arthritis can certainly limit the sense of freedom and pleasure associated with sexual activity.

Déchéance drugs, alcohol as well as some illegal, recreational drugs, are known to reduce plaisir and interfere with healthy sexual function. Even some mild miche relievers, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety medications can have anti-sexual side effects.

And finally, angoisse alone, without any other renseignement, can lower plaisir, block arousal, and interfere with orgasmic release. Relationship stressors or external factors unrelated to the relationship (eg, work, family, monnaie) can wreak havoc with glandulaire comptabilité and neuromuscular congestion.

What can you do now to avoid or eliminate these potential sexual problems?

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate – with your partner, with a sex therapist
  • Cool, let go and release neuromuscular congestion – pétrissage, jacuzzi, deep breathing
  • Fantasize, foyer on your fantasy and let your conscious mind take a cachet
  • Use a lubricant, erotic toys or even aphrodisiac products
  • Practice Kegel exercises, flexibility exercises, touch exercises and loving exercises
  • Discover your particulier sexual arousal modèle, your love map and practice it
  • See a urologist or gynecologist for a complete checkup and evaluation

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