Should I contract with a transfert agency or an independent translator?

Should I contract with a transfert agency or an independent translator?

Should I contract with a transfert agency or an independent translator?

You may have automatically assumed that the most appropriate élection for translating your web panorama, reports and other affaires annales is to contract the obligations of a accru transfert agency. In this partie, I’d like to share some of the benefits of contracting directly with a translator and explain the pros and cons of the two options.

Contracting with a transfert agency, while costing more money, can offer some benefits:

  • A accru organization has the advantage of being able to deal with the “sheer fascicule” by having a dedicated project conduire to split a accru transfert between many translators. Although not ideal, if you urgently need a accru fascicule translated, this may be the only élection.
  • If you need your text translated into several languages, a larger company will likely be able to meet this need.
  • If your affaires deals with a variety of technical areas rather than a very focused area, an agency will be able to assign annales needed by different specialists to different translators.
  • A good agency can provide its translators with materials such as glossaries to aid their transfert and ensure consistency.
  • A good company may be There are other quality déclaration processes and at least some basic criteria such as years of experience and in some cases the satisfactory completion of a bermuda exam should habitude its translators.

However, you should not assume that any of this is the case. Given that the agency can take anything up to half the value of the transfert in intérêt, you should verify what real added value they are paying. Is the company carefully selecting the most appropriate translator for your project and then applying additional proofreading and verification? Or are they just mass-mailing their translators, assigning the job to the first available person, and prospection postale you the results without checking further?

Don’t assume that the above factors cannot be addressed if you are working with an independent translator. If appropriate for your project, working directly with an independent translator can bring several advantages and still meet some of the needs mentioned above:

  • You have honnête mitoyenneté with professionals who will actually work on your project. You can discuss any special requirements or doubts you may have with them. Conversely, they can quickly check with you any points in the text that need épuration.
  • You know that the same translator will be working on your material and will be intimately familiar with your project and company.
  • While an individual translator will only be able to handle a modest fascicule compared to a accru firm and specialize in specific areas, many translators will also collaborate with trusted colleagues to handle larger volumes or consult with them on a specific subject matter. However, a good translator will still check their colleague’s work for errors and ensure, for example, that their use of terminology is consistent.
  • You can ask the translator what experience and reportage they have in your specific subject area. Translators specialize in particular technical areas but should be happy to give you an honest answer if a professional translator cannot take on a particular task.
  • While agencies can in principle benefit individual translators with their terminology and transfert memory knowledge armature, in practice many agencies do not play this role. And in any case, good translators these days will be familiar with and have access to accru online terminology databases that have made traditional resources somewhat redundant.

Given the above, if you haven’t considered it before, I strongly recommend that you consider the élection of contracting a translator directly if it suits your affaires needs.

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