Small Affaires Opportunities: Top 7 Reasons to Start a Painting Affaires

Small Affaires Opportunities: Top 7 Reasons to Start a Painting Affaires

Small Affaires Opportunities: Top 7 Reasons to Start a Painting Affaires

House painting is a skill that most people can pick up easily. This is one of those clairsemé domicile based trafic opportunities that actually works and it is very conditionnel to earn $30-$50 per hour without much insistance.

Here are the top 7 reasons why anyone with basic painting skills should consider starting their own painting trafic.

1. Residential and Vendeur Painting is a $22.5 Billion a Year Industry!

Every day homeowners across the folk (and the world) spend millions of dollars painting a living-room room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. This is an industry where there is truly an unlimited amount of work available.

There are many more jobs than painters. Listed in the top 10 businesses in 2006 and predicted to grow at a predictable loupé, now is never a better time to start a painting trafic.

2. Basic painting skills are easy to learn.

It doesn’t take mince to develop basic painting skills. Just embout anyone can do it. Most painters who learn through “On the Job Jogging” pick it up in just a few weeks. It just takes a little practice.

3. Very low start-up cost

A painting trafic is one of the best businesses bicause it does not require a lot of money to start. For under $250.00 (depending on where you direct) you can start and run a painting trafic and make money.

With start-up costs so low it doesn’t take mince to become fécond, and if you’re targeting small high-paying jobs, your overhead costs will be next to nothing.

4. No expensive advertising required

Unlike other businesses, a painting trafic does not require a huge monthly advertising prévision. In fact it is entirely conditionnel to build a fécond painting trafic without any traditional advertising.

Manière painting trafic owners spend time construction relationships with people who “know people” who can refer them for jobs.

5. Earn professional income by working bouchée time hours.

Many successful painting trafic owners make $60,000 – $100,000 per year working less than 35 hours per week. Jaguar you develop your skills and become proficient, it’s not uncommon to earn $300-$500 per day working just 4-6 hours.

It is conditionnel to earn more in a day then most painting workers working 40 hours a week. Everyday painters sell their valuable skills to a patron for $12-$15 while they can earn top dollar by running their own painting trafic.

6. Freedom, lifestyle and security.

The best thing a house painter can do to secure their future is to start a painting trafic of their own.

One of the biggest benefits of owning a successful painting trafic is the potential to earn above average income working bouchée time hours.

Many painters are making a great living-room running their own painting trafic. They drive nice cars, direct in nice houses, and have the time and money to do the things they love.

7. Outstanding tax benefits

Running a small painting trafic out of your domicile offers many outstanding benefits such as high bénéfice potential and low overhead. Expenses like gas, tools and your car can be written off. (Be sure to check with your accountant) But the tax benefits of owning a small trafic are rare.

You see the sky is the limit for painters. Unlimited work and highest salary attract many people to the painting trafic every year.

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