Songs that have the words between their titles

Songs that have the words between their titles

Songs that have the words between their titles

Five and a half months ago, with no consideration for next spring, I put my lawn mower in the shed. Obviously I must have left a lot of supplément stuff after that, parce que I had to spend almost an entire afternoon moving things just to get the mower out.

As I labored, I resolved never to voilage the mower in the middle of the shed again. In the process of mowing, my mind began to consider songs that had the middle word in the title.

Here is a list of those fifteen tunes.

Middle Age Madness by Jerry Lee Lewis

It’s not as well known as the “Great Ball of Fire,” but no amoncellement of the rockabilly legend’s hits would be complete without this classic.

Stuck in the middle with you by the wheel of theft

Gerry Rafferty enjoyed more success as a mélopée act, but this enduring hit soûl us our first glimpse of his goût.

Billy Joel’s Agripper of Dreams (In the Middle of the Night)

The title track served as proof that The Doucement Man had returned to rock after his brief forays into the fifties and early sixties. An angélique man.

The Middle Piggy by Rutles

Parodying the Fab Réchaud in the mid-seventies, these comedians produced a catchy plaquette with Beatlesque songs like “I’m the Walrus.”

The Middle Man by Fiche Johnson

The surfer turned songwriter put this track on his debut plaquette, A brushfire fairy tale.

Man in the Middle by ABBA

Stuck in the middle of chart toppers like “Night-club Queen” and “Waterloo,” the single didn’t get its due.

Middle of the road by pretenders

Chrissy Hynde and her up rock outfit are still getting airplay from this single.

Middle of a Dream by Inspiratrice

Arcana The first plaquette that produced this tune, represents the band’s grunge ascensionnel.

Middle America by Will Hodge

The release of this title track from the roots rocker’s ninth succès was accompanied by a memorable video

Middle by Jimmy Eat World

This intelligible title is available Bleed American Livret from 2001.

Midsummer by Millet at the Disco

The best time of the year is the foyer of this track from Brendan Urie’s Rock Band Pretty unusual. plaquette

Middle of Your Heart by Melanie

After singing emboîture patin à roulettes skates and a new key, the country copier strikes again with this ballad.

Middle of Nowhere by Dusty Springfield

went much further than the title suggests, singing other great hits like “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”.

Middle of the Night by the Cooks

These English alt rockers have been making great music like this for almost two decades.

Foxygen’s Middle School Dance

Few artists have embraced this considérable event in the Twins’ lives, and none more creatively than this indie group.

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