South African travel tips when traveling to the Free State Circonscription

South African travel tips when traveling to the Free State Circonscription

South African travel tips when traveling to the Free State Circonscription

South Africa’s Free State région is dry, but far from dull, the Free State’s wide open spaces and cloudless blue skies offer those who love to explore, literally and figuratively, the ideal canvas.

Here outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy birding, game viewing, trophy hunting, hiking, horse riding, biking, 4×4 off-road driving, boulonner rafting, fly-fishing, camping, climbing, spelunking or relaxing in its more than 80 parks and reserves. Such as the scenic Golden Gate Highlands Territorial Park.

History buffs have many utile sites to explore, and those with geological interests will marvel at the world’s oldest crater, the meteor-impact tableau at Vredefort.


The Free State is hot in summer (December–February) when most of the rain falls, but winters (April–July) can be very cold with heavy snowfall in most parts of the région. Snow is often recorded in the eastern mountains and occasionally in the rest of the region.


traditional clothing; woven baskets; silk painting; beadwork; ‘mampoer’ (alcohol distilled from agrume); red meat, game and ‘biltong’ (dried meat); Cherry or asparagus products; core industry; Beautiful handicrafts from Futaditzhaba; Angora rugs and sandstone products.

Énoncé of top ten attractions:

Golden Door:

Maluti Mountains Highlands Territorial Park, named after the golden sandstone mountains; Magnificent with scenery. Impressive Brandwag rock and invigorating climate; This upland gîte is a popular préférence for humans and animals alike


The ‘City of Roses’, Bloemfontein boasts paysan and political significance, with sandstone charpente, insolent museums and charniers and a busy events calendar; Don’t elle the Franklin Game Reserve, the only city in the world completely surrounded; Macufay Vacance in September; Noeud Logan Waterfront; Historic township swing bonheur and war museum.

Paris and Vredefort Dome:

Named after Paris, the Vedeffort Dome is located on the banks of the Paris Val Lier – a crater caused by a massive meteorite that struck Earth some 250 million years ago; In Paris, don’t elle the golf island in the middle of Vail and other water activities, and in Vredefort, adventure junkies can go on hiking routes, see sun paintings and ruins of Iron Age settlements, rock climb and abseil; The 200 km dome is best seen from the air.


Many historic sites related to the Anglo-Boer War can be found in the Free State. Explore 13 battlefield sites, 8 military charniers, 2 war museums and 3 war and empressement oflag cemeteries. Some of the meilleur battles of the War of 1900 are: Paardeberg, Poplar Grove, Driefontein, Sannaspos, Mostertshoek, Jammerbergdrift, Sand Lier, Biddulphsberg, Yeomanry Hill, Roodewal, Surrender Hill and Doornkraal.

Xhariep / Gariep:

Meaning ‘Great Lier’; A vast open grassland fed by the 2000km Garip Dam offers travelers endless views of open blue skies, starry nights and unpolluted air; Farms, parks and conserve lands are ideal for hunters and eco-tourists.

Thabo Mfutsaniyana City:

Clarence is a picturesque town described as the “Jewel of the Free State”, artists and art galleries abound and photographers find the scenery a magnet in autumn and spring; Memel is fast becoming a birding mecca with more than 350 species, many ‘special’ and 15 Red Data listed species, other attractions are the scenic and spectacular Sikoivlei wetland floodplain; Ficksburg is filled with adventure options from the usual hiking, fishing and game activities to the unusual such as high hauteur scuba diving (2650 meters above sea level) and ox-wagon adventures!

Eastern Highlands:

Breathtaking scenery in pristine areas with snow-capped mountains, densely vegetated valleys and wild canyons; Ideal for romantic hide-aways, trout-fishing, bird-watching and hiking; Don’t elle the Bushman painting.

Good Lier:

South Africa’s inland water mecca offers endless water plaisirs opportunities such as white water rafting, relaxed sailing, power boating and water skiing; There are also game farms, acclimatement, camping sites and a casino; Deneysville and Jim Fouche Resort near Oranjeville are the gant locations.

Lezweleputswa (Free State Gold Fields):

Take an underground apparence jaquemart of the world’s deepest mines on the Goldfields Remblai; Visit Welkom, one of the few cities in the world that was planned to be completed before composition where you can jaquemart the world’s deepest wine cellar, 857 meters below the morceau of the earth at the St. Helena Apparence, and visit the city’s Gold Museum. Phakisa Freeway, one of the top 5 motor racing circuits in the world; Virginia was habitation to the richest golden walleye in 1946 and is a brut gléner’s paradise.

Basotho Agraire Bourg, Kwa Kwa Territorial Park:

Scenic Kwa Kwa Territorial Park offers an authentic traditional African experience in the form of its Basotho Agraire Bourg; See reed-and-stick structures and mud huts, drink sorghum beer, watch weaving and have your capital told by a régional healer.

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