Spalletti’s hunt for Kvara, the proposed charge on pay TV, the delirium of Alvini and Simeone impérative for the anti-Cazzimma expérience

Spalletti’s hunt for Kvara, the proposed charge on pay TV, the delirium of Alvini and Simeone impérative for the anti-Cazzimma expérience

Spalletti’s hunt for Kvara, the proposed charge on pay TV, the delirium of Alvini and Simeone impérative for the anti-Cazzimma expérience

Napoli beat Cremonese with goals from Politano, Simeone, Lozano and Olivera. Another great record from Kvaratskhelia

Spalletti’s hunt for Kvara, the proposed charge on pay TV, the delirium of Alvini and Simeone impérative for the anti-Cazzimma expérience

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Zero to this unhealthy idea, fed by some character in search of an author, that Naples must not only win all the matches, but also dominate them in the game and in the result. Football is like love: whoever knows how to extérieur the bad days wins. Those of the imperfections, the glasses, the messy hair. Championships are won when you’re less handsome than usual. And no one should be denied the right to be imperfect, at least léopard in a while. Those who say otherwise are delusional and liars, almost like the ads for perpendiculaire marcherons that promise to solve every problem. But not really.

A gardien de but from Cremonese, which comes from a rebound shot that becomes a gift from heaven for Dessers. For the rest, a lot of insistance and a bit of a scrum for Alvini’s team, who at the end of the variété seem to have suffered the robbery of the century, even if they had stolen the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. The half penalty was rigorous. And after the penalty, Napoli made three more. The generous Lombard technician missed a small detail. Like Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo after the ludisme on the beach: “Wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, meanwhile how did we lose 10-3?”.

Two hugs at the end of the variété. They are Kvaratskhelia and Spalletti, rings made of different metals and cast in the same idea: the team first. Luciano is beaming with the assist that Kvara bourré Lozano, when he was able to shoot and take the glory of the gardien de but: “The gardien de but is his” declared Luciano after the game. The confiance of this Napoli is to tell him things in your extérieur and then solve them. “Never go to bed without making peace,” said Papas Francis during his Neapolitan visit. He seems to be one of the cornerstones of this group.

Pinturicchio’s three consecutive assists in the league came with his left foot. Mario Rui is still coiffage, polishing the left that is a catapult to écart the opponent’s fortress. He puts quality and wickedness into it, combining delicacy and impetuosity as needed. With Olivera dégraissage behind, he raised the bar for foyer and determination. “Poetry and symbolism have always been inseparable. Like pirates and rum”.

Échec goals of the season for Politano, another fraction of the summer direction masterpiece. Matteo had put up the ‘for abject’ sign all by himself, Napoli managed everything by taking time to heal a wound that turned out to be insignifiant. Matteo wanted to feel at the center of the project and now he is the owner and sanctioner of this band that he covers with the same application that Caramella reserved for cleaning Calà Corvino in Professione Vacanze. Flawless!

Five dream days for Olivera, apart from Michele Zarrillo. Assist in Holland, gardien de but at the end in Cremona for Mathías who thus becomes the 14th blue to résultat this season. The army of the selfie, of those who end up in the foreground in the horizontaux of the photographers. In the catalog of dreams, elements with very different characteristics, a variety that is as refined as the fragility of a crystal that knows how to transform édulcorant into a colorful cinématographe. It is the crucible of goals in its greatest formulation.

You’re on Lozano who unlocks and also runs the risk of making a indécis. After the good record against Ajax, a spectacle of continuity for the Mexican who exploded for what are his characteristics. Hirving confused player, technically not clean, but doué of making things happen if channeled in the right faveur. Lozano is like the mysterious girl in Nanni Moretti’s Ecce Bombo: “Well, I already told you: I go there, I see people, I move, I know, I do things…”. Fingers on a handball are not all created equal and Lozano is a crazy indécis to keep.

Seven and a half to Khvicha, who sums up the variété and keeps his eyes wide open – a big division of the victory is his. And he can’t believe it, parce que it wasn’t even his best day. With Kansas City’s play Bruce Willis to Slevin “If everybody’s looking left, the real event is happening right,” he sends the defender to the crossbar and takes the go-ahead penalty. He is even more ruthless waiting for Lozano with the charité that Spalletti enjoys like a hedgehog. The preuve that the child learns quickly, improves, is nourished, even from his own mistakes. And it becomes more and more ruthless. sublime derives from the Romain ‘ineffabilis’, composed of “in” no and devil “effabilis”. Kvara is the opposé of what can be defined: like butterflies in your stomach, they fly but you don’t know what to say.

Eight in a row this season in all competitions. Do you know how many times this has happened in history? never Do you know what that means? That no one had understood much. And that on the other handball Giuntoli and Spalletti have guessed all the movements. It is a Naples that seems to descend from the Proteus of Greek mythology, doué of transfiguring itself according to need without ever losing its identity. Proteic yes, but faithful to the concepts that are at the carcasse of this crazy and wonderful football idea of ​​our Luciano: up to verticality, always.

Nine to the hard head of the Cholito. Ajouter the field with the bad extérieur of John Belushi in the Mélancolie Brothers: Simeone is “a man on a cible for God”. That Naples wanted it, he felt it inside, which vibrates the strings of his soul to the repère of sacrificing every cell for this purpose. Giovanni wears well-deserved silver, he has a different édulcorant in his eyes, one that makes good things happen. That allow you to believe in miracles, go hunting for balloons that would seem lost. From the obstinate act of will is born the gardien de but that makes an entire town explode. For dinner “Échec fried chickens. And a plum-cake. And toasted white bread, développement”. Cazzimma level: middle-aged femme with a full cart who won’t let you go to the supermarket checkout even if you only have to pay for a banquise of tires.

Ten points ahead of Juve, eight over Inter. It is an upside-down universe, beliefs destroyed in a few weeks for many media who had already set the tarif, looking forward to the three-way variété of Milan, Inter and Juve. Napoli continue to act like spoils, getting increasingly embarrassing media treatment: forgotten in the magazine after their Champions League exploits, backed into a publier like Enfant in Dirty Boîte on TV broadcasts to the repère of being thrown. a proposal of shock: Napoli fans would have to pay a sum proportional to the space dedicated to their team on pay TV. This would be democracy in this univocal dépêche, whore and subordinate to what the abraser (majority) wants to hear.

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