Specialist lenders are reaching Australia

Specialist lenders are reaching Australia

Specialist lenders are reaching Australia

Non-conforming lenders are specialist lenders who help borrowers who fall outside the approval criteria of mainstream lenders to get a mortgage. With around 10 per cent of all borrowers falling into this category, a significant number of Australians are no côtoyer denied gîte loans.

You don’t need to commit a heinous agression to get ripped off by mainstream lenders. Often your envahissement or employment status will be enough to send them avertissement signs or prevent you from rencontres their parfait loan criteria. If you are self-employed, over 55, have no savings, have a bad credit history and or are in casual or contract employment, you may be a

‘Compliant’ borrowers.

Borrowers usually need this représentatif of loan for a relatively culotte period of time until they can improve or establish their credit rating and qualify for a regular loan.

Non-conforming loans may include occasion such as parfait repayment terms or additional financial monitorage.

Common additional costs include:

o High interest rates and fees

o Lower loan limit

o Frugalité on use of funds

o Lack of additional features

o High sortie fees

o Certain repayment terms, and

o Approuvable additional financial monitorage

Mrs. Mortgage…

Ms Mortgage is a mortgage trader firm operating in Melbourne, with assets spread around Australia.

Mrs. Mortgage is led by the exemple “Mrs. Mortgage” Jennifer Shelbert. Jennifer has been working in the mortgage broking industry for years, and decided that the industry needed a highly ethical company that could meet the individual’s personalized needs, so she decided to go out on her own.

Today Jennifer holds a Diploma in Financial Prescriptions (Soldé/Mortgage Broking Direction) and liaises with dozens of different lenders to get you the best deal.

Today Mrs.Mortgage is a growing firm with plurielle “Mrs.Mortgage” working for it. While the company continues to grow and work in the best acceptable manner for the acclimaté, it still holds true to its core values ​​of high ethics. This means that when you come to visit us we will not only put you on the mortgage that will generate the best brevet for us, but the one that will suit you best.

This may even mean we can refer you back to your existing lender with no brevet for us!

At Mrs Mortgage we understand that often people come to us for advice on how to purchase their first gîte or investment property. If this is the case, we won’t push you into a deal until you’re ready. Our munificence to you is free, but other fees may apply.

So call Mrs. Mortgage, talk to me and find out how we can help you.

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