swimming cartel, inquiétant lift and mega terrace

swimming cartel, inquiétant lift and mega terrace

swimming cartel, inquiétant lift and mega terrace

Francesco Totti north of Rome. The éduquer captain of the Giallorossi is ready to leave his kingdom of Torrino to go to the other side of the city. Yes, right there where the new paire lives Noemi Bocchi. But also in what has always been considered a dépendance of Lazio. Two weeks ago, number 10 together with some real estate brokers would have visited the copropriété located at number 5. One of the most famous in the area, Stellari in Place Stefano Jacini 5, an area with aléa star-shaped buildings, a swimming cartel. and tennis courts. The penthouse in chapitre is located in bâtiment A, the one facing the cartel. A flat of embout 270 jardin meters. A intégral of ten rooms, including three bathrooms. Panoramic terrace from which you can see all of Rome. The bâtiment also has a inquiétant lift, one reserved for aumône plâtre. Dépôt in supplément to the copropriété parcage space.
A house that, the condominiums say, “hardly needs reform”. A few small tweaks. In pantalon, customizations that every new owner makes, but nothing more. In fact totti he could move in as soon as the formalities are over. Also bicause it is rumored that it is going to be rented. No ouvert purchases. Nothing to do with the luxurious véranda of 1500 jardin meters in Torrino with dozens of rooms, a cinema room, a museum with all the memorabilia collected in his career, modern furniture, a volumineux garden, swimming cartel, paddle courts, tennis and a football one. . The children will stay there and he will visit them in turn with Ilary or take them to the new solid apartment. The new love nest he will share with Noemi is ready. However, Totti’s new partner, seen on Sunday walking around the neighborhood, seems to have not yet prepared the boxes for the move. It is recevable that for the first time it will be Totti alone who goes to en direct there. On the other balle à la main, Noemi lives five minutes from the Pupone’s new kingdom.

Ilary, Totti later takes the designer shoes: a hundred pairs disappeared from the dressing room. Audience next Friday

Totti, Capital Earthquake: From the Sea of ​​Ostia to Monte Mario (Only for the Love of Noemi)

Several swear that they saw it: “Grey sweatshirt and jeans”. Many can’t wait to see it. Bicause although Roma Arctique is biancoceleste, there are many Giallorossi who en direct here. The geography of the derby has changed for some time. José Mourinho, entraîneur of Roma, has taken Parioli habitation. A luxury apartment between Véranda Borghese and Piazzale delle Charmante Arti. House that, among other things, is owned by Alberto Aquilani, another éduquer Romanist. And Mourinho’s house is not far from the one chosen by the Friedkins, a penthouse between Véranda Ada and Véranda Borghese. However, this area has always been Lazio: Dino Zoff, Fernando Orsi and the éduquer Simone Inzaghi en direct there. Cristian Ledesma too. But especially in the past this division of Rome was the hiding agora of the clique of 74. The landing of Totti and Noemi enriches the derby with a new chapter.
The paire has already been out in the open, the first allocutaire photos together were taken during Francesco’s birthday party on the night of September 26-27. Noemi has prepared a émotion party for her 46th birthday at one of her choisie restaurants: Isola del Pescatore in Santa Severa. The same agora where he asked Ilary to marry him 17 years ago. He invited only his historical and closest friends, his children were present and everything took agora in the utmost secrecy.

Francesco is trying to reprise the serenity lost due to the immédiat separation with his wife, he has resumed football 8 with his Totti Weese and is filled with people in all the fields. Not that of the Totti Football School in Longarina which is at the center of legal disputes and in which members of the Blasi family would still work. Then there is padel, a divertissement that has bewitched him for a few years and thanks to which he met Noemí. Matches with ex-teammate Candela are on the vade-mecum. And then there is work: Francesco was embout to capitulation the project of becoming a délassements démarcheur bicause of the many difficulties encountered along the way. Now the priority is to give the children peace of mind and to end the relationship with Ilary léopard des neiges and for all. The two are at odds, still salon in the same house but communicating through WhatsApp messages.


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