Taranto suffers, however takes some extent away from Cerignola

Taranto suffers, however takes some extent away from Cerignola

Taranto suffers, however takes some extent away from Cerignola

Taranto suffers, however takes some extent away from Cerignola

First exterior level for the rossoblu formation

Cerignola makes the sport, Taranto defends and thanks Vannucchi, for 2 prodigious interventions on Malcore, it’s the crossbar, which D’Andrea hit within the second half. The Daring continues with a dry mouth, Eziolino Capuano’s workforce takes the primary exterior level of the season.


🔴🔵 90 ‘+ 4’ Warning 🟨 Information for non-normative behaviour.

🟡🔵 90’+ 3′ Warning 🟨 Assist for foul play.

⏱ 90′ There are 4 minutes of restoration.

🔴🔵 86′ SUBSTITUTION 🔄 Formiconi debuts in Taranto, Ferrara makes room for him.

🟡🔵 80′ One other Malcore-Vannucchi duel, the rossoblu goalkeeper wins once more, rejecting a shot from the gialloblù striker.

🔴🔵 80′ SUBSTITUTION 🔄 In Taranto, Panattoni takes over La Monica.

🟡🔵 79′ SUBSTITUTION 🔄 In Cerignola, Neglia for Sainz-Maza.

🟡🔵 73′ SUBSTITUTION 🔄 Double change in Cerignola, inside Tascone and Achik for Ruggiero and Langella.

🟡🔵 71 ‘Cerignola nonetheless very harmful: Malcore, despatched deep by D’Ausilio, comes nose to nose with Vannucchi, who blocks his means.

🟡🔵 70′ Cerignola near the benefit: from the sting, D’Andrea’s proper hits the crossbar and returns to the sector.

🟡🔵 64′ Sainz-Maza vegetation Manetta on the left, places a ball within the center that arrives from the opposite aspect to the precipitous Russo, who kicks with the left hitting the surface of the online.

🟡🔵 60 ‘D’Andrea sees Malcore free within the space, he serves him, however Mazza’s breakthrough to free is providential.

🔴🔵 59 ‘First conclusion of the match for Taranto: Driving from the sting, undoubtedly outsized.

🔴🔵 54′ SUBSTITUTION 🔄 In Taranto, outdoors Evangelisti in Vona.

🔴🔵 46′ SUBSTITUTION 🔄 In Taranto, Raicevic takes Chapi’s place.

⏱ 46 ‘Let’s begin once more.


⏱ 45’+2′ After two minutes of restoration, the primary half ends.

🟡🔵 41′ Middle from the left by D’Ausilio, header into Ruggiero’s space, too vast.

🔴🔵 39 ‘Warned 🟨 Mastromonaco for protests.

🟡🔵 37′ Ruggiero tries once more from a distance, the best careens the publish to the best of Vannucchi and goes low. For the attractive conclusion, the Cerignola participant takes the “5” from the referee Monaldi.

🟡🔵 29′ Yellow card 🟨 Sainz-Maza for foul play.

🟡🔵 17 ‘Ruggiero takes a bench and kicks from the sting, deflection for a nook.

🟡🔵 14 ‘Cerignola about to attain for Taranto’s “advantage”: the same old D’Ausilio marches down the left, will get within the center and Mazza, in a slide, hits his crossbar.

🟡🔵 9′ Yellow card 🟨 Blondett for foul play.

🟡🔵 5 ‘Spunto di D’Ausilio on the left, cross shot that ends on the backside.

⏱ 1 ‘Events



🟡🔵 Cerignola 352: Saracco; Blondett, Capomaggio, Ligi; D’Ausilio, Sainz-Maza (79′ Neglia), Langella (73′ Achik), Ruggiero (73′ Tascone), Russo; Malcore, D’Andrea. park bench: Fares, Trezza, Olivera, Bianco, Allegrini, Inguscio, Botta, Farucci, Basile, Vitali. Persistence of the herds.

🔴🔵 TARANT 352: Vannucchi; Evangelist (54 ‘Vona), Antonini, Manetta; Mastromonaco, Romano, Mazza, Chapi (46′ Raicevic), Ferrara (86’ Formiconi); Information, La Monica (80 ‘Panattoni). park bench: Loliva, Martorel, Infantino, Granata, Maiorino. Capuano herds.

🟡 REFEREE: Marco Monaldi of Macerata. assistants: Khaled Bahri from Sassari and Glauco Zanellati from Seregno. IV: Valerio Vogliacco of Bari.

🟨 WARNINGS: Blondett, Sainz-Maza, D’Ausilio (C); Mastromonaco, Information (T).

📌 NOTE: Corners 7-2

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