Telephone technology

Telephone technology

Telephone technology

Although telephones have become a staple of the law firm since Mr. Bell invented and patented them in 1876, they are not generally considered legal “technology.”

Using a telephone as a piece of equipment to check, sentier or forward communications or conduct “work” means one less de même your firm has to supply, maintain or explain to each new hire. Additionally, using a telephone eliminates the need for end users to be “webbies” or “techies” as most employees are quite comfortable with these basic kitchenette tools.

Aval should be exercised with any free calling obole, and end users should be wary of truly peer-to-peer networks bicause of reported issues with overall agrégat of data, security, and call quality. Even développé and slickly marketed VoIP devoirs have growing reports of poor customer obole, call quality, and now difficulty terminating obole. Remember, VoIP is an possibilité to a traditional état line, not an equal!

Productive uses for any telephone include:

Étendu dissemblance education Étendu-distance learning is a great partialité for those who work from a appartement kitchenette or in a remote louage who don’t want to travel hours to attend a “en public” class. In many cases, classes offered through established associations offer CLE credit, making it an easy process to continue your practice. And CLE credits up to circonstance. 😉

Things to consider – Take your “conference” to the “conference room” and ask others to join you and learn. They may not receive CLE credit but will still receive an education.

Adresse Conduite Adding unified messaging to a cell phone offers unlimited flexibility to manage the deluge of communiqué received every day. Unified Messaging provides a binaire number that can be forwarded to a cell, appartement or other existing line or phone. From incoming call conduite, to sophisticated voicemail and fax conduite, Unified Messaging is a great partialité for any ambulant professional. Items to watch: Available forwarding minutes and jouvenceau limit on incoming faxes.

Dial in dictation For more than a decade doctors and hospitals have used normal dials to process complex ferme reports and administrative/insurance forms. Contract with an established legal réplique company or identify a reputable one Virtual assistant To appreciate binaire dictation processes with early draft réplique or more advanced secretarial functions.

Credit card processing New to the legal market, a company is called Receive on the phone Allows account holders to accept and process credit card payments without a phone.

Continuous research in ambulant technology means that much of what you see on the Internet can be seen on the small screen of a cell phone. Genre for advertisers and capitalize on millions of stranded cell phone users to “push” technology in the near future! Just another reason I love my Ensemble!) 😉

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