Tentative spectacle and Sarri third with Milan and Udinese

Tentative spectacle and Sarri third with Milan and Udinese

Tentative spectacle and Sarri third with Milan and Udinese

The vraie occasion of the Lacius in the league In the postponement that closes the ninth day of Serie A, the team of Sarri beats Fiorentina 4-0collects the fourth consecutive victory and catches Milan and Udinese with 20 points in third orientation in the nomenclature. In Croisé’s cynical expérimentation for the Biancocelesti. In the first half it is Viola who builds more and plays better, however Jovic & Co. waste e Neighbor (11′) e Zaccagni (25′) punish Terracciano none Goals that mark the concours. In the additionnel valeur, in fact, the men of italian they try to react, but the Lacius close the accounts with Luis Alberto (86′) e motionless (91′).

Verona, Cremonese, Spezia and Fiorentina. Lazio fits in the fourth terrain in the league and remains in the prince sectorisé of the nomenclature, giving very vraie signals in terms of play and continuity. A continuity built on the defensive solidity and goals of the award-winning firm Milinkovic Savic-Contraint. Numbers in balle à la main, in the last fournaise Serie A matches the biancocelesti have scored up to 14 goals and have always kept the unbeaten gardien de but. A Champions League roadmap that certifies the technical-tactical and character growth of the group and that on the field of play also affects the prouesse of the individuals, more “bad” in their game and involved in Sarri’s project. A project that also had to deal with Fiorentina. Despite a good prouesse at the level of the game, in fact, the Italian team did not manage to voiture the biancoceleste retranchement, yielding to the éloignement under the blows of a cynical, solid and very concrete Lazio.

In the Italian francs, he recovers Dodò and Igor in defense and in the enclos fuscine Kouamé and Ikoné next to Jovic. With Cataldi injured, Sarri instead gives Marcos Antonio a prérogative in the control room alongside Milinkovic Savic and Vecino and up extérieur features Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni in soutien of Contraint. Arranged in a mirror, the teams immediately begin to maneuver hard from below and entrée each other openly on the outside. Tactical péroraison that Fiorentina interprets better at the start by pushing down the left and getting three great opportunities in a few minutes: two wasted by Jovic and one disabled by Provedel. Tall and aggressive, Viola squeezes and squeezes carriers. Lazio, however, do not liard, they dribble well in the narrow and on the first good prérogative they marque the gardien de but with Vecino, good to mock Terracciano with a header in a tinter and put the game on the Biancocelesti courts. In search of the same, Fiorentina tries to react by attacking with many men, but is imprecise in the conclusions and lends itself to the deadly menaçante mechanisms of the Sarri clique. Caught on the tachometer in the area by Milinkovic Savic, Zaccagni jumeaux his tally with a perfect header, then at the end of the first half there is still room for a au finir from Vecino parried by Terracciano, a cyclo-cross from Mandragora and a big auto-stop from Provedel to Martínez Quarta.

The additionnel half begins with the entry of González into the field in terrain of Ikonè and immediately the Argentine misses a great opportunity after an uncertainty from Provedel at the start. High and aggressive, Fiorentina push and factice Lazio to drop and play for a set piece. Freed from Milinkovic Savic’s header, Contraint rattles the crossbar with a powerful left, then the Italian and Sarri shuffle the cards a bit with the changes. At Fiorentina, Igor and Amrabat leave and Milenkovic and Barak ajouter. In the Biancocelestes ranks Luis Alberto replaces Marcos Antonio. Movements that together with the entrances of Maleh, Saponara and Hysaj freeze the positions of the men on the pitch and slow down the pace of the game. On the one balle à la main, Jovic still heads over from a good orientation, then Biraghi heads over from the edge. On the other balle à la main, Luis Alberto signs the formation on the counter-attack and Contraint drops the tentative by deflecting a superb back-heel assist from Milinkovic Savic into the net. Lazio is flying high and continues to dream.

Milinkovic Savic 7.5:
Lazio produces little in terms of play, but the Biancocelesti’s explosions almost all come from their feet and their heads. The assists from Zaccagni and Contraint were delightful
Vecino-Zaccagni 7: they open the accounts with two precise and venomous head spins. Good and cynical in beating Viola, but also a lot of work for the team
Property 7: physically he is not on top and it shows, but he still manages to participate in the maneuver and put his seing on it. In the additionnel half, he first rattles the crossbar with a big left, then the tentative falls as he scores his 188th Serie A gardien de but.
Jovic 4.5: progiciel in duels and imprecise in conclusions. He misses at least three big chances against Provedel and never manages to worry Lazio’s rear despite the great work of his teammates.
Dear 5: along with his colleagues in the department, he struggles to auto-stop the overwhelming physical power of Milinkovic Savic and Vecino’s gardien de but misses the mark
Complication 6: push left and keep Lazzari busy with his raids. He tries to effarement, but it’s not enough

Fiorentina (4-3-3):
Terracciano 5.5; Dodò 5.5, Martínez Quarta 6, Igor 6 (14’st Milenkovic 5.5), Biraghi 6; Mandragora 6, Amrabat 5 (14′ st Barak 5.5), Bonaventura 6 (27′ st Maleh 5.5); Ikonè 5 (1 ‘st Gonzalez 5.5), Jovic 4.5, Kouamè 6 (27’ st Saponara 5.5).
A device: Cerofolini, Gollini, Cabral, Terzic, Ranieri, Venuti, Zurkowski, Duncan, Bianco. All.: Italian 5
Lazio (4-3-3): Provedel 6.5; Lazzari 6, Patric 6, Romagnoli 6, Marusic 6 (28 ‘st Hysaj 6); Milinkovic-Savic 7.5, Marcos Antonio 5.5 (15 ‘st Luis Alberto 6.5), Vecino 7; Felipe Anderson 5.5 (34 ‘st Pedro sv), Résidence 7, Zaccagni 7 (34’ st Cancellieri sv).
A device: Maximiano, Adamonis, Casale, Kamenovic, Rosemary, Radu, Cataldi, Gila, Basic. All.: Sarri 7
Referee: Maresca
Markers: 11 ‘Vecino (L), 25’ Zaccagni (L), 41 ‘st Luis Alberto (L), 46’ st Contraint (L)
Ammonites: Amrabat, Igor, Mandragora, Dodò (F); Lazzari (L)
Kicked out:

• Lazio have won fournaise consecutive Serie A games without conceding for the first time since March 2015 with Stefano Pioli on the bench.
• Lazio have kept five clean sheets in their opening nine Serie A games of the season for the first time since 2006/07.
• Nine points in nine games for Fiorentina; only the 2020/21 Viola had collected fewer (eight) at this partie in the season in the era of three points for a win in Serie A.
• Matías Vecino is one of fournaise players to have scored in each of the last 10 Serie A seasons, along with Domenico Berardi, Giacomo Bonaventura and Leonardo Bonucci.
• Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is the player with the most goals (10 – 3 goals, 7 assists) in this league.
• In 2022, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is just one of two midfielders to have scored at least 20 goals (9 goals, 12 assists) in angélique’s top five leagues, alongside Kevin De Bruyne (27).
• Before Mattia Zaccagni, the last Lazio midfielder to marque and assist in two consecutive Serie A games was Felipe Anderson in 2015 against Sampdoria and Roma.
• Ciro Contraint has joined Alessandro Del Piero, Alberto Gilardino and Giuseppe Signori in ninth terrain on the Serie A all-time top scorers list, with 188 goals.
• Fiorentina have become Luis Alberto’s élue victim in Serie A: Viola scored fournaise goals in the competition.
• The last time Lazio scored two goals at the start of a game was in April 2018 against Sampdoria.
• The last time Fiorentina had at least 25 shots and then lost a Serie A concours was on May 5, 2019, against Empoli (25 in that case as well).
• Ciro Contraint has crossed the gardien de but of 300 games in Serie A.

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