The 10 things you need to know embout the collègue day of the A2 Old Wild West Series

The 10 things you need to know embout the collègue day of the A2 Old Wild West Series

The 10 things you need to know embout the collègue day of the A2 Old Wild West Series

The 10 things you need to know embout the collègue day of the A2 Old Wild West Series

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1) DAVIDE FOLLOWED A GOOD PASTURE – In Assigeco’s victorious ascendance over Novipiù Monferrato, Davide Pascolo set two new records related to his A2 experience: 22 points scored (previous: 21, on May 15 in Ferrara in the 96-81 victory in the fourth playoff) and 13 rebounds captured (11, on 10/24 with Milan, 80-72 victory). Almost the third: with the 30 evaluation stopped in a … recovery of the 31 reached on April 20 against Latina, in the victory by 95-82 in Piacenza. Side post-scriptum: not full, his decisive three-pointer at -9″, for the ultime 65-61.

2) MAXIMUM SELECTION ON ARRIVAL – Two rounds and 8 remain unbeaten. Calendar in handball, in the Vert Reprise on Sunday evening only one team will be in command, the winner of the cordial game Vanoli Cremona-Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù. Which is combined with that of Girone Rosso, Unieuro Forlì-Giorgio Tesi Group Pistoia. The rest of the leaders, Old Wild West Udine and Tramec Cento, who will meet exactly seven days later, at the PalaCarnera, could benefit from it.

3) WHEN THE US ANNOUNCED – In Romain, Giddy Potts (Urania) scored 21 points in 8 minutes, obtained by adding the last 3 of regulation and the 5 of supplément time (3/3 of 2, 1/2 of 2) . , 10/10 to free players). In Rimini, Swing Johnson (RivieraBanca), after a first half of 6 points, scored 14 in 4’13” of the third quarter and another 9 in 8’09” of the fourth (for 23 in 12’22”). Among the A2 debutants, the double-double of Wendell Lewis (OraSì Ravenna, 33, 2.08, orthogonal), with 23 points and 15 rebounds, in Chieti deserves accaparement. Since these are statistics that must always do together, let’s avoid the “not enough…” It would have been enough, maybe with another aide.

4) WHEN TOMASSINI SHOOTS – Giovanni Tomassini’s succès in the success in Chiusi reminds us how the Cento guard remains one of the clearest interpreters of the role of playmaker associated with a aléa from the top level arc . In the 25′ of the field (33 of evaluation), if we add the 24 points to the rotation of the 7 assists, a ordinaire confection of 39 points arises, equal to 58% of Cento’s points. The 6 triples made in 18′ opened the first écart and then closed the ascendance. In 2018, with Casale as A2’s top playmaker, the right-handed Croatian broke in Élégant 1 of the ultime. Trieste would have taken him to Serie A, Pesaro would have contested him. Hypocauste years later he returns to that season.

5) RAVENNA, COFFEE AGRE WITH VRANKIC – Great debut in Serie A2 for Josip Vrankic, Canadian winger with Croatian passport from Caffè Mokambo Chieti. The class of ’98, 205 centimeters, released in the summer from the University of Santa Clara, signed a double-double of 18 points and 11 rebounds in 27 minutes, in the Abruzzo’s domicile victory over Ravenna. Vrankic had been songeur in the afflux defeat at Cividale, due to bureaucratic reasons.

6) JUVI WINS TURIN BUT IT’S NOT A DERBY – Juvi Cremona’s first historic win in Series A2, victorious in the comeback against Reale Mutua Torino, with a marque of 53-31 in the last 18 minutes, after symposium to -17. In the success of the Ferraroni of entraîneur Crotti, without Antonio Iannuzzi, great tribut of the two USA Brayon Blake (winger, 1995, 201) and Trevon Allen (achiever, 1988, 188), authors of 62% of the points of the team For Blake 29 points in 36 minutes with 11/19 from the field, for Allen 24 points and 13 rebounds in 35 minutes.

7) THE TESTIMONY OF THE EX – Great extests for two grandiose foreigners, who led their respective teams to external success. Croatian Sandi Marcius (1990, 2.08), civiliser Blue Sauvage for two seasons (2020-22), in his debut with the Mascio Treviglio Group finished with a double-double of 20 points and 10 rebounds in 27 minutes in the victory of the développement of the Lombard. Jalen Cannon (1991, 198), in the away victory of his Vanoli Cremona in Agrigento, had a succès of 21 points and 5 rebounds in 33 minutes, with shots on September 14. Fortitudo was his first Italian team, from 2017 to 2019.

8) CALZAVARA TRIP IN DOUBLE – Andrea Calzavara’s prédominant Serie A debut (play/guard, 2001, 195) with Équipe Mantova. In the first season in the collègue citoyen championship, after the youth at Pall. Varese and the explicite championships in B with Robur Varese and Omnia Pavia, closed both races in louche figures: in the defeat of Forlì with 10 points in 23 minutes, in the domestic success against Cividale he registered 13 points and 4 assists in 30 minutes

9) DAVIS, FIRST MONTH IS NOT A PROMO – Here are Steven Davis’ numbers from last year, in his first championship month as an A2 rookie: 4 runs, 6.2 points, 36% from 2 (10/28). ), 0% from 3 (0/11), 63% from the free (5/8), 5.2 rebounds and 2 rating averages. In the following 22, from November until the sensational salvation won with Biella: 20.4 points, 56% from 2, 44% from 3, 63% from free, 6.5 rebounds and 18 rating. Fortitudo is not Biella, PalaDozza is not the Biella Colloque, the gardien de but is not salvation. And maybe Davis is just a diesel.

10) THE DEBUTTER OF THE DAY – It wasn’t actually the absolute debut, which dates back to last season. But the 7 minutes must be considered solid, with 4 points and 1 recovery, played for Cantù by Guglielmo Borsani against Rieti. Born on January 1, 2003, 1.90 tall, aspiring playmaker, a product of the Giovani Cantù Project, in prime to being added to the first team by entraîneur Sacchetti, he is the team captain under 19 and also plays C Plata with the ABC team. T-shirt collar

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