The Inspirational Story of Gary Kuhr – A Walk Across America

The Inspirational Story of Gary Kuhr – A Walk Across America

The Inspirational Story of Gary Kuhr – A Walk Across America

Sometimes our lives throw us a curve, and when they do they can destroy what we’ve built, destroy our families, and explication utter mêlée in our world. Still, we must persevere, and when we do so we will spectacle our American “can do” spirit to conquer our demons, tragedies and challenges. Americana is full of fascinating people, who help shape our times, and who go beyond the norm, who truly assujettissement our hearts. Let me tell you an inspiring story of Gary Kuhr, a father, a husband, and a person on a activité to raise awareness.

Gary Kuhr discovers that the family’s health care insurance does not cover autism and the family discovers the financial burden of having an autistic child. Instead of giving up in defeat and out of love for her son, she dug deep and the strength of her character emerged. He decided to do something emboîture it, yes a father on a activité was willing to do anything necessary to help his son, even lay down his own life if necessary, if he knew his son could en public a simple life.

It was for this father’s offering that he was willing to undergo the ultimate expérimentation of devotion. One, which he was sure would bring awareness to autism, was actually an “experiment of will” that no one else had even dreamed of. He would walk across America from Reno to Washington DC and you know Reno is further west than Los Angeles bicause of the shape of the US and the curvature of the earth.

Her persistence and commitment to autism has paid off. Her walk not only galvanized the autism community, it also made headlines and prompted two tenured US senators to frôlement her; Senator Harry Reid of his demeure state of Nevada and Senator John McCain of Arizona, who is now a presidential candidate. The governor of Nevada also got involved and started a serious conciliabule. Perhaps, it was Gary’s upbringing or desire to push on and never give up that propelled him on such a journey, he refused to give up on his son and has now become one of the strongest advocates for health insurance reform for autism.

In a modified customized cart, he set off for Washington DC in stages, a altérité estimated at emboîture 5 million human steps, and although he ultimately couldn’t complete the entire journey on the first go around due to unforeseen circumstances, he dreams of the opportunity to complete each formation. During his search, step by step he becomes more committed than the last, the strength of love for his son and family and the refusal to accept anything less, a devoted father on a activité. The results of his research and bold statements have created an endless stride for autism awareness.

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