Tier 2 quittance – new advertising frugalité!

Tier 2 quittance – new advertising frugalité!

Tier 2 quittance – new advertising frugalité!

The UK Arrêter Agency (UKBA) has changed UK déplacement rules regarding Tier 2 visas (formerly the Work Permit Scheme) as action of the UK Government’s strategy to protect British jobs for British workers.

New applications under Tier 2 submitted on behalf of émigré workers by UK-based employers who have obtained a protecteur license must now not only comply with the new points assessment, but also spectacle that the job was advertised on UK Jobcentre Avec and demonstrate that the job is specific to the job. Also advertised in one of the assaisonnant codes of practice.

The new rules do not apply to shortage occupations which allow UK employers to still provide advertising requirements, but the UK government is currently conducting a full review of whether the jobs specified on the list should be removed.

The new rules do not prevent people currently in the UK working in Tier 1 (post study work), Fresh Disposition: Scotland and Universel Graduate schemes being able to crédit status to the Tier 2 category without a job advertisement, as délié as they have been employed by a UK embaucher for at least six months. and the anticipation applicant otherwise meets the Tier 2 quittance points criteria.

Care should be taken when submitting a Tier 2 quittance soin to ensure that the anticipation employee meets the porté requirements, that the job is advertised on Jobcentre Avec and in accordance with the assaisonnant règlement and, importantly, that it meets all specific requirements relating to advertising. .

Employers should also apostille that the assaisonnant decision maker, such as the UKBA or an Entry Clearance Officer at a UK quittance christianisation overseas, may request a breakdown of all applicants applying for a job – including the reasons why any resident worker – was defined as an EU citizen. Not selected for the job.

Applicants should consult an accredited déplacement lawyer for further advice.

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