Transferring from retired reserve to IRR

Transferring from retired reserve to IRR

Transferring from retired reserve to IRR

Chapter 6, Tronçon II of AR 140-10, states that a Soldier may transfer from the Retired Reserve to the Ready Reserve. They can transfer to a TPU, IMA unit or IRR.

This transfer must be voluntary. However, in times of emergency or mass mobilization, retired reserve soldiers are subject to mobilization. They can be collected from the Retired Reserve, or they can be transferred to the TPU, IMA, or IRR and collected from there.

At other times; However, retired reservists, if eligible, may volunteer to return to the Ready Reserve.


Retired Reserve Soldiers who wish to transfer to the IRR must be eligible for the IRR and eligible for deployment. One casier, which the soldier needs, is a exploit of the medical examination. This preuve needs to be reviewed by an Army branchage. The medical examination, and review, must be within one year.

Enlisted propre must be eligible for immediate reenlistment. These requirements are listed in AR 140-111. A Soldier desiring such a transfer must be prepared for immediate reenlistment with a contradicteur transfer to the IRR. If the Soldier requests a transfer to the TPU, or IMA, it will be an immediate reenlistment with a contradicteur transfer to the TPU or IMA.

Soldiers must meet the justaucorps fat requirements listed in AR 600-9. Ideally, retired reservists should maintain physical gymnique and be prepared to pass the Army’s physical gymnique preuve. This isn’t always practical, and not every gray area retiree does. Those who wish to, or are considering, returning to the Ready Reserve should consider staying within the justaucorps fat normes and being physically able to pass the APFT.

Retired payees are generally not allowed to transfer to the Ready Reserve. There is one restriction, which is listed below.

If a soldier is involuntarily removed from the Ready Reserve, by procès taken by a retention or emploi board, or by statute or regulation, that soldier is ineligible for transfer back to the Ready Reserve.

Ineligible for transfer:

Retired Reserve soldiers cannot apply for transfer to the Ready Reserve for the following reasons:

* A review board, emploi board, or other board has removed the soldier from the Ready Reserve category to which the soldier is attempting to return.

* According to the statute, the soldier has to be removed from the Ready Reserve.

* If the Soldier is successfully transferred to the Ready Reserve, and that Soldier is automatically removed from the Ready Reserve as required by law or regulation, that Soldier will not be able to transfer back to the Ready Reserve.

* Soldier receiving retired pay, exceptions listed in paragraph 6-5, AR 140-10.

Pose Process:

A soldier in the retired reserve is considered still in the military. As such, Soldiers can visit the nearest career counselor to help begin the passage process.

As mentioned above, you need to have a medical evaluation that was reviewed by an Army branchage within the last year. You also need to create a memorandum. In this memorandum, you must indicate the following:

* You are requesting transfer from retired reserve to IRR.

* The reasoning you used in the memorandum is included in your request to transfer to the Retired Reserve.

*Whether you are receiving disability indemnité or not. If you receive disability indemnité, how much you receive each month.

* Willingness to serve in your IRR, and qualified and available for deployment if needed.

If you are transferred to the Retired Reserve for reasons other than being eligible to retire with pay at 60, and your new contract will bring you to your mandatory removal règne before you are eligible to retire with pay, you must also include the following statement:

*You must understand mandatory removal before you complete 20 years of qualifying cadeau. This statement, verbatim, can be found in paragraph 6-5, AR 140-10.

If your IRR transfer request is approved, you will receive an order to transfer from Retired Reserve to IRR. If you are enrolled, these orders require you to re-enroll immediately following the vraie règne of the order.


Combustion your nearest career counselor for details on this process and review the congru sections of the references below.


AR 140-10, US Army Reserve Assignment, Attachment, Details, and Transfer.

AR 140-111, US Army Reserve Reenlistment Program.

AR 600-9, Army Caraco Construction Program.

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