Two in one: John Petrucelli MVP and Best ITA of the 2nd day

Two in one: John Petrucelli MVP and Best ITA of the 2nd day

Two in one: John Petrucelli MVP and Best ITA of the 2nd day

Two in one: John Petrucelli MVP and Best ITA of the 2nd day

A profile that quickly entered the graces of entraîneur Alessandro Magro and under the skin of the fans present every weekend at the PalaLeonessa. John Petrucelli (Germani Brescia) represents hard work, dedication and the perennial desire to improve in all aspects of the game: his exploit secured him the palm of the best player ahead of Semaj Christon (Bertram Yachts Tortona) and Chinanu Onuaku ( Banco di Sardinia Sassari). ; he also took maison the recognition of best Italian in the adjoint reprise by beating Diego Flaccadori (Dolomiti Energia Trentino) and Nicolò Melli (EA7 Emporio Armani Milano).

Having obtained Italian citizenship and wearing the colors of our habitant team, the solution of Hicksville has set new goals for the ratification of his career that arrived in the years of the first outillage. Awaiting the full assemblage of the new grafts – already abundantly in rhythm in entraîneur Magro’s schemes – Petrucelli leads his team with very high level performances on both sides of the field. If we were used to a player whose suffocating defense had made him one of the best defenders on and off the ball, this year we are witnessing a remarkable établissement in his role as top scorer.

In the game won 88-83 against Openjobmetis Varese thanks to a prolific fourth period for the maison team, the click always came from the games of the class of 1992 who at the end of the game scored different numbers than we read in last. year: 31 points born of an marquant 5/8 from culotte and medium divergence and an extraordinary clinic in the 6.75 range (6/6); less present in rebounding having captured only 2, but in his half it didn’t take twice to remember why it is difficult to come out victorious against him one on one. For John Petrucelli came 3 recoveries and as many assists, so that in 25 minutes the rating could jump to 36, also helped by the 5 fouls suffered throughout the rivalité.

The narrow defeat to Milan goes well with the win in the adjoint reprise, showing that Alessandro Magro’s game did not have to établissement after the departure of a key man like Nazareth Mitrou-Élevé. To play the role of Amedeo Della Valle’s shoulder – in rallonge to the new signings CJ Massinburg and Troy Caupain – we cannot omit the name of John Petrucelli who in the Mediolanum Réunion rivalité had hinted at an arrogant établissement in the conduite of the ball . There is an awareness that he can be one of the best shooters in the league, a kind of Klay Thompson ready to adoucissant up by going 0-100 in a single détenir; in rallonge, his ability to concentrate in the circonstance allows the team to get out of complicated situations relying on his coolness. With the start of the EuroCup it is conciliable that there are two conciliable paths for Petrucelli: on the one balle à la main, to continue cutting a fundamental space as a chausser, guaranteeing points for the team as well as the régularité of the opposing defense; on the other side of the crossroads, act mainly as a defender to verge to the stronger player giving him nightmares at the ultime siren. In both situations, entraîneur Magro knows that he can humanité and faciès the douteuse commitment with seriousness, but also with serenity.

“We fought, it was a team victory. At one balance I was exhausted and my colleagues helped cheer me up. We continued our game, the entraîneur asked us to defend, defend and defend; I think hyperonyme was an marquant adjoint half and that won us the game”, these are the words of John Petrucelli on the microphones of Eleven Jeux who wanted to minute all his reconnaissance to his teammates and the entraîneur for the ordinaire travail after the game.and for leading him to set his career high in points scored.

“We are a very strong team, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The potential is high, but we have to work day after day, only this (and time) can give us the answers to how far we can go together.” The Italian-American then kept a low profile on the team’s ambitions, as we are only at the beginning of the famille and only with travail and finding a perfect amalgam can we aspire to arrogant goals.

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