Umana Reyer Venice – Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana 76-68 | REYER HUMAN

Umana Reyer Venice – Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana 76-68 |  REYER HUMAN

Umana Reyer Venice – Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana 76-68 | REYER HUMAN

Umana Reyer Venice – Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana 76-68 |  REYER HUMAN

Partials: 20-15; 38-29; 58-49

Umana Reyer: Spissu 12, Parks ne, Freeman 15, Bramos 6, Sima 6, Moraschini 8, De Nicolao, Granger 6, Chillo ne, Brooks 6, Willis 9, Watt 8. All. From Raphael

Cedevita Olimpija: Rebec, Ferrell 27, Jeremic 3, Alibegovic 6, Muric 3, Mulalic, Adams 14, Kosinè, Omic 11, Radovanovic 4. All. big

Umana Reyer finds continuity within the EuroCup, gathering the second consecutive victory, the primary in Taliercio, with 76-68 at Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana.
Tessitori doesn’t get well, however formally debuts on the scoreboard among the many 12 Parks, with Spissu, Freeman, Bramos, Willis and Watt lined up within the quintet. The contract begins on each fronts (after 3’30 “Freeman solely scored 2-0), then, as Ljubljana continues to depend on the triple with out scoring, the orogranata comes into play and on the center of the quarter it’s 12-3 with Willis, Spissu and Freeman. After the stoppage, Ljubljana makes it 0-5, with coach De Raffaele promptly calling the stoppage at 6’30” to 12-8. Watt and Moraschini once more transfer the rating of Umana Reyer who, though the company attain -3 twice, closes the primary quarter with Granger in 20-15.

Within the second interval, the orogranata, with the second quintet on the ground, finds the precise set-up and will get progressively longer. At 12′ it is +7 (24-17) with Sima and Moraschini, then, from 24-20, comes a 9-0 run (with additionally the bonus consumed by Cedevita after lower than 3′) with which Brooks, Moraschini, Sima and Granger make it 33-20 halfway by the quarter. Umana Reyer may be very correct from 2 and continues to cost opponents with fouls (already 5 kicks by Moraschini alone within the 15′), struggling a partial Slovenian comeback of 35-22 from 16’30” with Spissu’s free throws within the 35 -29 of 19. ’30’, then corrected to 38-29 within the lengthy interval of Bramos’ triple.

Ferrell, the one one in double figures within the first half, tries to maintain Ljubljana afloat even in the beginning of the second half, however Umana Reyer, regardless of some errors from the road, retains the ball within the initiative, with Watt specifically. checks, each on the scoring entrance and in protection, but in addition with the help that permits Spissu to rewrite one other +10 (46-36) at 23’30” instantly after Bramos’ fourth foul. After the half fourth TV timeout, Spissu and Willis, from the bow, report the distinction twice to +13, as much as 54-41 at 27’30”. It’s all the time the standard Ferrer who solutions, though Ljubljana by no means manages to fall underneath the delay of two digits till the final possession, with the three/3 of the road of Adams of 56-49, to which Sima solutions with the siren: 58. -49.

It’s Adams, struggling fouls from the orogranate protection in penetration, that brings Cedevita again to 58-52 at 31’30”. The orogranata, for the time being, battle to maintain getting nearer to the iron, however they handle, after a few errors, to heat up their hand and, with two triples from Freeman interspersed with one from Brooks, they stretch the 67 once more -54 in minute 33 30”, forcing Ljubljana to cease. On the resumption of the sport, Umana Reyer spends the bonus, however retains the rivals at a distance, even reaching +14 with Bramos’ triple from 71-57 at 36’30”. After the Slovenian timeout, Omic will get the double-double for 71-61 at 37′ and Ferrell indicators from the road 71-63 at 37’30”, but in addition the company attain the bonus, so from the road, Brooks and Spissu rejects the alternative at 74-63 at 38′.Cedevita tries not to surrender, however the Orogranata can even handle with the timer and thus shut the match with 76-68.

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