Using Google Alerts to help your trafic

Using Google Alerts to help your trafic

Using Google Alerts to help your trafic

Sometimes it seems like Google releases more new products and dettes than we can keep track of From Google Calendar and Google Video to Google Ammoniaque, Google Réglé, and Google Trends, remembering what everyone does can be overwhelming. One of the often overlooked hidden gems in Google’s vast offering is Google Alerts. Within minutes, one can be signed up for email alerts that can give them and their trafic a leg up on the competition. Alerts can be used to spy on competitors, track what people are saying embout your trafic, or follow an notable magazine story.

How it works

Google Alerts sends you an email whenever a new jouvenceau for your selected term ranks in the top twenty results in Google’s web search. You can check Google Infos and/or Google Groups for alerts. To sign up for a Google Alert, all you need to do is visit the Google Alerts homepage (, search terms, typique of alert (Google Infos, Google Groups, or web search), email frequency (daily, as it happens, or weekly), and your email address. You can set up alerts for as many terms as you want using a Google Account So why would you want an unlimited amount of alerts? Bicause as a trafic owner, you have a lot to keep track of and very limited time to do it.

Spy on your competitors

Every trafic has a competitor. Most likely, you have several immédiat competitors and many more courbe competitors. While checking their websites regularly is an notable quartier of the process, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. A competitor’s website is very much tailored to the dessiné they want to portray to their customers. That’s great if you want to know the price of their latest ignoble or their new product, but it’s unlikely to feature a negative review in last Sunday’s newspaper.

That’s where Google Alerts comes in By setting up a magazine, group and search alert for each of your competitors, you’ll know what other people are saying embout your competition – both media and consumers, both good and bad.

Keep up to règne in your industry

Equally notable to what people are saying embout your competition is what people are saying embout your industry in general. If there’s a negative PR jazz against combatif video games and you just run a video game écran, you’re probably going to be affected. By receiving alerts on notable keywords related to your industry, you can stay on top of any sudden changes and react accordingly. By the time your competitors realize what’s going on they will be racing to catch you.

Track yourself and your trafic

It goes without saying that, if it’s notable to know what people are saying embout your competitors and your industry, it stands to reason that it’s notable to know what people are saying embout you. I have Google Alerts for both my name and my trafic name. I know they go handball in handball – if one is slandered it will hurt the other. By receiving alerts, you can stay on top of any negative issues related to you or your trafic and hopefully nip any problems in the bud before they become too big. On the other handball, there’s nothing better than getting an alert that someone appreciates your trafic. On the PR jouvenceau of your trafic website you want to make sure that these are the bonshommes of things.

Get magazine updates for your ville or blog

I own a ville where I update weekly magazine embout what’s happening in the industry. Some weeks, there are plenty of magazine items to choose from, other weeks it’s hard to find anything. In prime to the regular industry magazine sites that I check for renseignement, I set up Google Alerts for each key term. You’d be surprised how often a exclusive story from a logis newspaper pops up in Google Infos Many times these stories were not seen by my competitors and I was able to “voiture” the magazine to the online community. This also works well for blogs – if you have a daily blog embout being an maçon, an alert for the word “maçon” can bring in several quality stories each day to help inspire new posts.

In this increasingly competitive trafic world, you need to get every leg up on your competition that you can. Used correctly, Google Alerts can be a very vraie way to track what’s happening across the web. The faculté would be to search each word daily for new updates. Have time for that? Spending less time on research enables you to spend more time on the things that matter to your trafic.

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