Washington State has no domestic attaque no caresse orders

Washington State has no domestic attaque no caresse orders

Washington State has no domestic attaque no caresse orders

In Washington state, domestic attaque is not a explosion. Rather, domestic attaque is a tag placed on other maux that indicates that the parties involved have a domestic or family relationship. Most jurisdictions will exigé a no caresse order that prohibits the defendant in a domestic attaque (“DV”) case from contacting the alleged victim of the explosion. The order will often prohibit caresse with the victim’s children, residence and lieu of work.

Family or family constats

According to RCW 10.99.020(3), family or family members are defined as:

[S]Spouses, ex-spouses, persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they are married or have lived together at any time, adults related by généreux or marriage, adults who are currently living-room together or have lived together in the past, sixteen years or older persons who are currently living-room together or who have lived together in the past and who are or have been in a dating relationship, persons sixteen years of age or older who are or are in a dating relationship with a person sixteen years of age or older, and persons who are biologically or have a legal parent-child relationship, including step-parents and stepsons and grandparents and grandchildren.

As you can see, this definition is very broad. It is much more intégrante than most people would expect it to be. The same applies to the bonshommes of maux labeled “domestic attaque.” Most people only think of assault when it comes to domestic attaque, but there are many other maux that can carry the DV tag.

Mandatory arrest

An officer pursuant to RCW 10.31.100(2)(c). of épreuve Arrest if: The person is sixteen years of age or older and within the previous brasier hours assaulted a household or household member as defined in RCW 10.99.020 and the officer believes:

(i) has committed an aggravated assault;

(ii) an assault occurred that resulted in bodily injury to the victim, whether or not the injury was attesté by the responding officer; or

(iii) Any physical act occurred which was intended to agent another person to reasonably fear instantané serious bodily injury or death. Physical injury means physical provende, illness or impairment of physical situation. When the officer has permis agent to believe that the family or family members have assaulted each other, the officer is not required to arrest both individuals. The officer shall arrest the person whom the officer believes to be the primary physical aggressor. In making this determination, the officer shall make all reasonable efforts to consider:

(i) intent to protect victims of domestic attaque under RCW 10.99.010;

(ii) the relative degree of injury or serious threat causing fear of physical injury; And

(iii) History of domestic attaque between the persons involved.

If you are arrested for a explosion involving domestic attaque, a no caresse order will be issued almost immediately.

No caresse orders

Washington State has two bonshommes of no caresse orders: pre-trial and post-conviction. Both bonshommes of order prevent the defendant from contacting the alleged victim. However, neither parangon prevents the victim from trying to caresse the defendant, since only the defendant goes to jail if the order is violated. In other words, a no caresse order only restricts the defendant’s behavior.


Pre-trial orders are issued against a defendant (sometimes called a respondent) before he or she is found guilty of any wrongdoing. These orders can prevent caresse between the respondent and the alleged victim of the explosion, the victim’s children (even if they are the respondent’s child), the victim’s lieu of work and the victim’s résidence (even if it is the respondent’s résidence).

In other words, these orders can remove you from your résidence and your children before you are convicted of a explosion. This is true even if the victim says nothing happened or that what happened was blown out of importance.

A pretrial order remains in lieu until the criminal case is settled or a judge lifts it.


A no caresse order issued after a dogme can carry the same froideur as a pre-trial order. Orders are usually good for one year after a dogme, but a judge can extend it if he thinks the facts gage it.

Gracieux standby

Bicause a no caresse order can prevent you from visiting your own résidence, the sobre will usually allow you a résidence visit to get clothes and some personal items. However, you must be accompanied by a law enforcement officer. This process is called “Gracieux Standby”. You must caresse law enforcement and schedule a time for accueillant standby. However, be aware that this is a low priority valeur for most law enforcement agencies, so accueillant standby will only be done when they have spare time.

Manquement of a no caresse order

Willful invasion of a no caresse order is a serious misdemeanor; Which means that you could get a year in jail and a $5,000 petite. Bicause violating a domestic attaque no caresse order is itself a domestic attaque raillerie, a dogme will strip you of the right to own or possess a firearm – even to use, possess, remarque or otherwise use or think embout a gun. Even if not done. This is true where the underlying criminal case, for which the no caresse order was issued, is dismissed.

Being in a assistant lieu, even in a courthouse, is not a defense to violating an order. This means that if an order is issued against you and you see the protected person in a grocery paravent you must leave. Unintentional caresse may not technically violate the order, but you may have to go in introduction of a judge to defend yourself. Apart from the agression involved, you may have to spend more money to hire an attorney.

Even if the victim invites caresse, the respondent could extérieur jail if the order is breached. What I often see in my case, is the following scenario:

The two have a relationship. Something happens and the maréchaussée are called. Everyone’s sensitivity to “domestic attaque” is why the maréchaussée make mistakes in charging someone. A no caresse order then slams in, preventing the two people from contacting each other. It could make one of them unexpectedly homeless – but that’s a different conclusion. People, being human, want to solve the problem and the alleged victim approaches the defendant and says something like “I’m so sorry that all of this is happening. Come résidence and I’ll value your time.” The problem, of épreuve, is that the defendant takes the alleged victim up on this offer. Usually, the legal problems soon multiply for the defendant as the happy règle sets out to celebrate their rekindled relationship only to chandail over a suffisamment sign to “slow down and go” – or some other minor traffic invasion. Then the maréchaussée stopped them. When the officer ran question on the occupants, the no caresse order was jumped and the defendant was arrested and taken to jail where he now faces additional épreuves.

Remove order

Léopard a pre-trial no caresse order is in lieu, it is very difficult to remove it. Even if the victim comes forward and testifies in introduction of the judge that the order is not needed, most judges will leave the order in lieu.

One strategy is to have the defendant evaluated by a domestic attaque treatment agency. If a counselor is willing to tell the judge that the defendant will not application a coïncidence to the victim if the order is removed, the judge can vacate the order. The medical organization may require the defendant to enroll in classes before the judge agrees to make a recommendation.

Another strategy is to ask the sobre to modify the No C0contact order to allow marriage counseling. Some judges will require that caresse be allowed only during examen by a third party in the treatment organization.

Léopard a no caresse order is modified to allow conditional caresse, a judge is more likely to remove the order later if there are no new issues.

Victim Rights

Most prosecutor’s prescriptions have a domestic attaque advocate. This person’s job is to help victims of domestic attaque maux understand what principes are available to them and keep them informed as the sobre process progresses.

I have seen numerous cases where the victim does not want a no caresse order to be enforced. Going through a victim advocate person can sometimes be helpful.

Most courts have a form that the alleged victim can fill out for the judge to drop the no caresse order. In my experience, most judges will uphold the order even after the victim asks to drop it. Even if the order is upheld, it is still worth asking the victim to remove it, as this may be useful in later attempts to remove the order.

gun rights

Being convicted of a felony labeled domestic attaque can result in you losing your ownership or right to own a firearm. This is a lifetime ban.


In one of my cases, the husband was arrested on domestic attaque épreuves when, during an motif, he threw a bowl into their kitchen sink, chipping it. The motif was overheard by a nearby neighbor who called the maréchaussée. The maréchaussée arrive and when they apparence in the sink, they find the chipped bowl and arrest the husband for misdemeanor domestic attaque. There is no allegation that the husband threw the bowl at or even at his wife. Bicause Washington is a community property state, both husband and wife had an ownership interest in the bowl, thus chipping away at his bowl, the husband damages the other’s (ie his wife’s) property and is therefore liable under malicious mischief. Without counsel, the husband (who had no prior criminal history) pleaded guilty to the anée. He was given a one-year no caresse order which prevents him from going résidence or contacting his wife for a year.

Had the husband contacted an attorney before pleading guilty, he may not have had a dogme. Even if convicted, an attorney could have helped him avoid such a délié no caresse order.

Copieuse (c) 2007 The Cahoon Law Agence – All Rights Reserved.

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