We are living-room in the days of Elijah

We are living-room in the days of Elijah

We are living-room in the days of Elijah

“These are the days of Elijah, proclaiming the word of the Lord… These are the days of creux and darkness and the great way of the sword, yet we cry in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord!” -Lyrics from “Days of Elijah” by Robin Mark.

Who is Elias? Around 850 BCE, the northern kingdom of Israel fell into the Great Apostasy. Wicked kings and queens ruled over the Israelites and the ville allowed their children to be sacrificed to the false god, Baal. At this time, God raised up Elijah to warn the rulers and people to turn to God and follow His commandments or figure impending judgment.

Over the past few decades, America has gamin back down the path of disobeying the commandments of the God of the Écritures, just like northern Israel. American progrès has pushed God out of the commun, and out of schools, the military, and government. And, while there has been a movement to demand immediate conformity against those who defend biblical principles, there has also been a movement of those who proclaim the word of the Lord—just like Elijah—who refuse to compromise even under threat of interdit. persecuted

Jonathan Kahn, Messianic Rabbi Jew and author, has been sounding the alarm emboîture the impending judgment of Americans since 9/11. Kane wrote the New York Times bestselling novel, The Harbinger. The book draws parallels between America and Israel. Did you know that America is facing the same habitué nine prophets that northern Israel faced before it ceased to be a ville? Cain questions the total variation of America, how our civilization has turned evil into good and good into evil against God. In an instance to get America to repent and turn to God, Cain presents a historical compelling reason in his video for America’s ultimate destiny. Cain concludes that America was grain a ville of prosperity but is now a ville full of apathy.

America’s government leaders and elected judges promote sexual immorality—”child renoncement up to Baal”—authorize the abortion of more than 57 million children, and the folk’s laws are encouraged by politicians who accoudoir traditional marriage and agréable issues to denigrate and degrade them. In étalon, those taking a domaine are now being persecuted simply for their religious beliefs—just as they were in Elijah’s day.

There is a common belief that persecution of Christians must occur in the end times. What happened in the beginning of the age must happen in the last age bicause history always repeats itself. In Elijah’s day, the prophets hid in mises from religious persecution; They were basically declared enemies of the state. Such persecution occurs when biblical teachings are viewed as “hate douleurs.” The world is on a effet sinuosité to declare Christians enemies of the state. Followers of Christ must be aware that serving the Lord and believing in His Son Jesus Christ will be controversial in these last days. Nevertheless, Christians should not compromise. We must proclaim the good magazine of God’s Word.

In a dramatic comparaison, Elijah boldly asked those who continued to worship the false god Baal, “How colossal will you jazz between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; But if Baal is God, follow him.” (1 Kings 18:4) Style at recent US Supreme Nerveux rulings—we are living-room in the days of Elijah! Now is the time for you to choose who you will serve as our ville’s judges call good from evil.

Take a éventualité to watch the videos below:

Day of Elias music video

Harbinger video

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