What an effort Germani. Scafati tamed after additional time: 82-81

What an effort Germani.  Scafati tamed after additional time: 82-81

What an effort Germani. Scafati tamed after additional time: 82-81

Struggling and victory. There Liquid Germani Scafati after an extension thus reaching the second consecutive victory within the championship. Magro shuffles the playing cards firstly by deploying Massinburg and Burns (rejected instantly) within the preliminary 5. advances and counter-advances that convey an thrilling match to life. To spoil the present we considered three referees with complicated choices on each side of the sphere. Della Valle (20 factors) and Pterucelli (19), retains Germani afloat for 40 minutes. Within the emotional ending Kenny Gabriel may be very lucid to take the equalizing free kick, a ball that weighed a ton that carried everybody via time. Brescia finds additional time in additional time with Gabriel and Petrucelli, lamb would have the equalizing ball however inexplicably decides to go for the iron, successfully giving the victory to Brescia. Breathed by the situations of Tommaso Laquintana who needed to depart the sphere attributable to a muscle downside to be evaluated. Brescia wins, with issue. OK, in 72 hours we’ll be again on the pitch, headlights of the Eurocup

The match report

Brescia 82

Scafati 81 After additional time

GERMAN BASKETBALL BRESCIA: Caupain 4, Massinburg 5, Petrucelli 19, Gabriel 8, Burns, Odiase 10, Della Valle 20, Akele 6, Cournooh, Moss 2, Laquintana 2, Cobbins 6. Coach Alessandro Magro

GIVOVA SCAFATI: Rossato 7, Pinkins 13, Stone, Henry 11, Thompson 6, Lamb 19, Monaldi 9, Ikangi 3, Landi 10, De Laurentis 3, Pinkins 13. Coach Alessandro Rossi

REFEREES: Denny Bongiorni from Rome, Alessandro Perciavalle from Turin and Silvia Marziali from Rome

NOTE: Partials: 16-16, 37-36, 55-55, 73-73. Doubles: 19/41 Brescia, 12/30 Scafati. Triples: 29/6 Brescia, 31/13 Scafati. Free kicks: 26/31 Brescia, 18/22 Scafati. Rebounds: 33 (8 offensive) Brescia, 46 (12 offensive) Scafati. Attendance: 20 Brescia, 13 Scafati. Recovered balls: 8 Brescia, 4 Scafati. Misplaced balls: 9 Brescia, 24 Scafati. Fouls dedicated: 23 Brescia, 31 Scafati. Fouls suffered: 29 Brescia, 23 Scafati. Gamers who received off with 5 fouls: Stone and Thompson. Technical foul on the Scafati bench. Spectators: 2,813.

the chronicle

Lamb combines it in a giant means by refusing the three-point shot, preferring penetration for 82-81. Germani thanks and win
Every part occurs, Scafati calls timeout with 18 seconds left with the ball in hand
Amedeo retrieves it
Gabriel very quick from far
Final minute of the sport. Again to Caupain parquet
44′ Lamb reopens the video games 82-79
April these Kenny wings! April!!! Torpedo de Gabriel 82-76
43 ‘Rossato shortens the road of charity 79-76
Brescia’s 4×100 nonetheless closes: John Petrucelli. MONUMENTAL 79-74
Technical to Henry, Petrucelli not capitals
42′ John Petrucelli with the time trial stopped is 77-74 years of glacial age
It is De Laurentis’ flip on the line, with the assistance of the iron he places solely the primary and Petrucelli recovers one other ball
Do it on the carbine. Free on arrival and two out of each two 75-73
41 ‘Begins with the rapture signed by John Petrucelli

Della Valle tries, iron says no. Will probably be with time
Kenny Gabriel on the bezel. Very heavy ball made by Gavina. 73-73 and the successful ball within the fingers of Germani
Free and possession Germany with the brand new regulation launched this 12 months with the foul within the final two minutes with out the clock having began
Consideration! Henry’s foul on Gabriel. Protests and nothing technical…
5 seconds to play, a miracle is required… Outing Germany
Monaldi from afar after the error of the Campania area. Superb 72-73
Timeout Scafati for the final possession
40′ Della Valle with the rabbit within the high hat. Odiase scores and receives a foul. Three-point recreation accomplished 72-70
Pinkins shouldn’t be there and solutions 69-70
39 ‘Magata del Marchesino who finds three kilos within the rubbish. Triplet 69-67
38 ‘Different refereeing errors. Germany in bother with two minutes left to play on the clock
Sensational passes not whistled to Scafati, Thompson scores and fouls. Scafati returns 66-67
Clean within the second 66-64
It is Tai Odiase’s flip on the line, off first
Della Valle is fallacious. Sensational on the PalaLeonessa
Do it in Odiase. Protests from the Scafati bench. The technician from the Campania area arrives
37′ Free for Pinkins attributable to a foul by Odiase who makes it two out of two 65-64
36′ Rossato to right a basket 65-62
I’ll break you in two. All of the muscle mass of John Petrucelli. 65-60
One other restoration is coming. Scafati takes refuge in useless time
35 ‘Be comfy, right here is the Marquis of Alba. Torpedo from the brand new Germany 63-60 benefit
Superb uncalled foul in opposition to Odiase
34 ‘Defence textbook. Brescia recovers a vital ball
Massinburg made a giant foul. Free on arrival CJ ​​turns 60-60
33′ De Laurentiis scores 58-60
AK45 thinks once more! Nicola Akele 58-58
32′ Brescia now not scores
31′ Landi hit once more from lengthy vary 55-58

Landi drew 55 from the road
Brescia falls asleep within the throw-in. Moss eve to cease Landi with a foul. There’s additionally the potential of an unsportsmanlike match with the referees on immediate replay
Massinburg lightning. Like an iron shot. Three-point recreation accomplished 55-53
Right here comes the foul to Cobbins, free for the Texan tower. Exactly 52-53
30′ Ikangi from the nook 50-53
29 ‘Petrucelli’s mistake, he’s forgiven for the theft that offers possession to Germani.
Lamb after placing the toes 50-50
28 ‘Petrucelli raises the quantity 50-48
Petrucelli with the foul on Lamb’s triple. Precisely 48-48
27 ‘Tai Odiase. Lastly 48-45
26 ‘Every part whistles… and extra. Scafati on the bezel with Pinkins 46-45
Adv! Adv! Adv! Fast transition, cease, triple that makes PalaLeonessa fly 46-43
Petrucelli with Jacobs. Right here comes the phallus for the journey to the bezel. Effectively solely the second 43-43
25 ‘Della Valle di astuzia, theft and positioned by 42-43
Thompson from beneath 40-43
24′ Exterior Petrucelli’s blocks. From the nook, solely purpose 40-41
Agency play for a sticker raised on the touchline. Gabriel fixes all the pieces: he takes it off
23′ Thompson scores from the road this time. Solely the primary 37-41
22′ Henry punishes Brescia’s errors (too many) 37-40
21′ Henry opens after Thompson’s double fault from the 37-38 line

20 ‘Henry closes the accounts from the road 37-36
Petrucelli as soon as once more the protagonist, direct till ironing 37-34
19′ Cobbins correct help from Petrucelli 35-34
Lamb to advance his 33-34
Outing Scafati
Nonetheless with a feat, it’s Kenny Gabriel who recovers Brescia 33-32
18 ‘Caupain is fishing Cobbins close to the iron. Mike shouldn’t be fallacious 31-32
The lamb continues with the triple feast 29-32
Cournooh misses a penalty
17′ with an empty purpose, Pinkins punishes him and attracts 29-29
Magro calls timeout
16′ Rossato inexplicably left the rating alone 29-26
Landi from beneath tries to play the cost 29-23
15′ Nonetheless Caupain, with the turbo 29-21
Arrow Troy Caupain 27-21
Xai with the time trial stopped makes no mistake 25-21
14 ‘Expertise in energy. Signature of the captain 25-19
13′ Nicola AK45 Akele, triple 23-19
12 ‘Landi from distant 20-19
He hated a shot from above, a spectacular basket 20-16
11′ Laquintana unlocks 18-16

Lamb to the siren ties the rating 16-16
Monaldi continues to maintain Scafati 16-14 afloat
10′ One other foul from Scafati. Who goes to the bezel? Amedeo Della Valle… As above! 16-11
9′ Della Valle is a thorn within the facet for the Campania defence. One other foul, extra free on the best way. Exactly 14-11
Help Della Valle, Odiase sacks 12-11
Monaldi responds from afar 10-11
8 ‘Kenny Gabriel, very troublesome on the twenty-four second siren 10-8
7 ‘The Marchesino, an 8-8 automotive, returns to the bevel
Della Valle simply entered the bezel. Two of two 6-8
6′ Scafati expands with a triple from Henry 4-8
4′ Henry from beneath after many errors on the one hand and 4-5 on the opposite
Nonetheless the “Carbine”. Germani places the nostril forward 4-3
2 ‘Raid by Petrucelli who finds the foul. Free to attain 2-3
Pinkins after dancing 0-3
1 ‘Down the chip, Massinburg and Burns within the quintet. That is the large information