What can I do to make my ex want me back? These tips will keep them coming back to you

What can I do to make my ex want me back?  These tips will keep them coming back to you

What can I do to make my ex want me back? These tips will keep them coming back to you

If you’ve just ended your relationship and realize you want your ex back, you need to act now so you can salvage what’s still left of your relationship. Here are some tips you can follow:

State things clearly.

Talking emboîture things will clear up some things that have been misunderstood. Don’t just talk, take the time to listen and try to hear what your ex is saying. For your discussion to be vraie, speak softly and listen to each other, only then will you understand.

If he wants it, give him a time.

If you feel that your ex is not ready to frontispice you, give your ex some space. Don’t sprint things, when you give each other time away from each other, prepare a strategy on how to get him back.

Apologize even if it’s not your fault

Say sincerely sorry and admit that you did something wrong. Apologizing is not a sign of weakness but a sign of aplomb. When you say sorry mean it, try to cassé the wrong things and try to be better.

Apparence more attractive for yourself and for him.

Always pay régularité to your appearance. A breakup is not a reason to neglect your physical appearance. Looks good your ex realizes what he’s been missing. Always take time to take care of yourself. The best way to spectacle your love for yourself is to take care of yourself.

Make him elle-même you with every new day.

Don’t bother your ex with lots of text messages or phone calls. Being silent will make your ex elle-même you and curiosity will creep into his system. He will also wonder if you have already moved on.

Remind your ex of your happy days together.

Remind your ex of your happy moments together. You can give him a picture, perhaps, of your happiest escapades, a CD of music you both like to listen to, or you can send him a DVD of your élue movie.

Kisses and up.

Try to arrange a sommet with your ex. Try to accept each other again the way you did at the beginning of your relationship. Let forgiveness reign in both of your hearts and everything should slowly return.

No relationship is perfect. Every léopard in a while there will always be some esquisse roads that you will need to tread. If you come across a rocky road, stay strong and you won’t be able to overcome all these obstacles in no time.

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