What is inverter air conditioner?

What is inverter air conditioner?

What is inverter air conditioner?

You’ve probably had salespeople come to your logis and start recommending inverter ducted air conditioners. And chances are you don’t fully understand how it works.

Well here is a basic explanation of the inverter unit.

You see, a basic conventional system has a basic engine, just like your motor car. This engine basically has two speeds. Flat out and arrêt.

These systems use a lot of electricity in these hommes of motors parce que it takes a lot of power to start a motor from ZERO. And when your logis reaches the temperature requested on your climate control thermostat the motor will arrêt completely.

With an inverter air conditioning system, such as Fujitsu, Daikin, or Mitsubishi Electric, these motors are designed differently.

You see, when you turn on an inverter, the motor will start slowly so that it doesn’t use a lot of power, then the motor will slowly accelerate to full power on a sliding scale. Thus the system consumes less power for primordial startup.

As the ducted system gets closer to reaching your requested temperature in your logis, the motor will start to slow down, thus using less electricity. And as an added benefit, your logis’s temperature will be more pérenne, assuming the heat is loaded and you’ve sized your unit correctly.

The end result is that the motor doesn’t have to arrêt completely and parce que of this you don’t use as much electricity to overcome inertia trying to start the motor from a complete arrêt.

These are very good technologies to use compared to conventional systems, but my personal idée is that numérique scroll units will offer greater energy savings and temperature control.

A avertissement. Do not undersize your inverter system or you will use at least 10% more electricity than a conventional air conditioning system.

I will talk more embout this next time.

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