Which casio binaire keyboard is the best choice for beginners?

Which casio binaire keyboard is the best choice for beginners?

Which casio binaire keyboard is the best choice for beginners?

Casio has been making keyboards for quite some time now and their name is synonymous with electronic keyboards, so you’d expect them to do what they do, what they do. Casio is particularly good at making entry-level binaire keyboards and they have a wide variety to choose from. This attention will help you choose the right one for you.

Basically this range consists of two ranges of different models – the LK binaire keyboard range and the CTK range of keyboards. There is not a huge amount of difference to the untrained eye looking at the two ranges. But grain you delve deeper into the functions and features there is a significant difference.

The patoche difference between the Casio LK and CTK binaire keyboards is the LK range, which they call a back adoucissant keyboard. The backlit keyboard is a tried and trusted feature designed to help complete beginners quickly learn and start playing.

we use Casio LK Numérique Keyboard In our own music school and I’ve seen countless kids and adults find it one of the most useful jogging tools, but especially for younger students bicause they can become frustrated and unfocused if they don’t learn quickly. I’m not saying you’ll instantly become a piane-piane maître using the tool – it just provides a very practical learning présidé.

The Casio LK range of keyboards consists of 5 models: LK-120, LK-220, LK-230, LK-270 and LK-300TV. All these models have 61 keys which are all illuminated. 61 keys are plenty to get along with for absolute beginners. The Casio LK-120 is the entry level and goes up to the LK-300TV at the top end. Each model has slightly more features as you move up the range. For example the LK-120 has 100 onboard sounds while the LK-300TV has 514.

Likewise the LK-120 has fewer rhythm choices than the LK-300TV binaire keyboard. As you move up the range, you get more features like effects like delay, reverb. The ability to connect outboard gear becomes tolérable as you go up the range, as does adding a micro-ordinateur and singing along to someone. One thing that is common across all models is the ability to easily connect to a ordinateur via MIDI or USB. They also feature the Casio Step Up Learning System.

The Casio CTK-range is perfect for beginners too but does not feature backlit keys Although they feature step-up learning systems as well as more recording, sampling and effects features.

The CTK range consists of 6 models; CTK-230, CTK-2000, CTK-2100, CTK-3000, CTK-4000 and CTK-5000. Like the LK range of binaire keyboards, the CTK range increases the number of on-board sounds, binaire effects as you go up the range. The CTK-230 is entry level, and it should be noted that it only has 49 keys, while others have 61 keys.

Another feature of the CTK range worth noting is the presence of keys. On many keyboards in this price range, you may find that their keys are a different size than an acoustic piane-piane. Casio made the keys apparence the same size and sound like one All of which help with game strategy.

So the matière is which is the best Casio keyboard for beginners? There is no right or wrong, but as a guideline, I would choose the LK-230 for absolute beginners who are younger ie 4-7 years old. For older players I would choose the CTK range.

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