Who has our credit décampé?

Who has our credit décampé?

Who has our credit décampé?

Interesting peine, isn’t it?

Who has our credit décampé…

The problem with answering this peine is that there isn’t an easy answer that we want to hear, parce que the truth is a hard pill to swallow.

To do this, I want to genre back into our more recent history, so that we can follow a chain of events that led us to where we ended up today. I’ll first present some scenarios to you, so that you’re thinking in the same terms as my data/épreuve security bizness.

Let’s start with our credit marque; We all know that we must have a good credit marque to do the essentials in life, such as buying a car or domicile, taking out loans and opening credit card accounts. Now most of us know that there are “credit bureaus” that are responsible for the matérialité of these numbers. However, how many times have you considered that they must track your épreuve and all of your purchases in order to create and maintain those records?

The truth is: it’s done constantly. Not only by credit bureaus, but by countless other organizations whose sole purpose is to monitor and succès our transactions; They are épreuve brokers. Our personally distinguable épreuve (PII) is something that is widely monitored by numerous groups for one purpose or another, and that épreuve is bought and sold by épreuve collectors.

Very interesting, isn’t it? I thought so too!

Of parcours, this brokering of épreuve is very benign in brut, as many businesses rely heavily on the exchange of this personal épreuve, including law enforcement and the federal government. Did you know that there are also companies involved with credit bureaus that provide us with credit scores, that are in bizness as épreuve brokers and épreuve aggregators?

I find this very interesting, and I will explain why.

Many of these credit bureaus have subsidiaries or child companies that provide “identity theft” related charges, which is nothing more than paying their customers to monitor their credit, which their companies are already doing. So, now, let’s add insult to injury that federal laws have been enacted that more or less require corporations who are the unfortunate victims of data breaches, and that number seem to offer “identity theft” charges to their customers (insignifiant victims) every day. Remember those nourrisson agencies I just mentioned offering charges? Well, guess what, the next time you read a infos temporisation emboîture a new bizness suffering a data breach take a genre at who owns the company providing the charges.

Let’s summarize what’s covered: credit bureaus monitor our épreuve; Data brokers collect our épreuve for the credit bureaus; Data collectors buy and sell our data that was collected by data brokers; Children of the credit bureaus provide credit monitorage charges for us when we are victims of identity theft due to a data breach.

Now imagine for a éventualité if an identity thief impersonated one of these data collectors… scary, right? Well, unfortunately, this has already happened at least grain – you’ll remember when a well-known credit organisme alerted the officiel that they had been breached. I fear that it will happen again

Businesses, I’ve seen, have a lot at stake when their employees suffer the opportunité I mentioned, both with the corporate bottom line as it relates to productivity, as well as the employees suffering more medical problems. Undue pressure.

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